OC Transpo Makes Huge Route Changes

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

On Sunday, June 28, new OC Transpo summer schedules begin, along with route improvements and adjustments to routes travelling along a section of the Transitway, which will close between Blair and Hurdman Stations for construction of the O-Train Confederation Line.

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OC Transpo Should Pay The Price: McGuire

OC Transpo busThis is a comment from mayoral candidate Mike McGuire on the post, It’s Not The Error, It’s The Coverup:

Here’s what a mature organization would do if this were revealed:

1) There would be an apology to shareholders and customers for failing to live up to the highest standards.

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Reader To Dump OC Transpo

This Bulldog reader minces no words on Twitter about OC Transpo service:

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Bulldog OC Transpo Poll Results

oc transpoOC Transpo might have missed the readership of The Bulldog when it was doing its customer satisfaction survey which overwhelmingly supported the bus service.

Bulldog readers feel overwhelmingly otherwise. Here are some comments:

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Who’s The Knee-Jerk Now?



Shortly after the Via Rail-OC Transpo bus crash that claimed six lives north of Barrhaven, the Citizen’s Kelly Egan and The Bulldog both came out the same day wondering why the City of Ottawa had not immediately taken safety measures at the Transitway crossing where the tragedy happened.

For that, Mayor Jim Watson dubbed Egan and The Bulldog knee-jerks. Instead he argued that we should concentrate on the friends and relatives of the victims, giving them support.

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Staff Wants Bylaw Change After Bus Crash

This is a memo from deputy city manager Steve Kanellakos concerning measures taken and anticipated at the City of Ottawa in light of the OC Transpo-Via Rail crash near Fallowfield station that claimed six people’s lives last September.

Click on the highlighted words below to read the memo:

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Fallowfield Rail Crossing Signals Out

This is a release from the City of Ottawa concerning problems at the Fallowfield rail crossing where six people were killed last year in an OC Transpo-Via Rail bus-train crash occurred:

The VIA Rail railway signals at Fallowfield between Greenbank and Woodroffe continues to malfunction.

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Get The Bus-Train Crossing Right


The scene after the tragic bus-train collision at Woodroffe Avenue north of Barrhaven.

 Something is wrong with the Via Rail level crossing at Woodroffe Avenue just north of Barrhaven.

Obviously the alarm bells went off when six people were killed in an OC Transpo-Via Rail collision at the site last year. The Transportation Safety Board is looking into that incident and we look forward to its report soon.

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Get OC Transpo Safety Right

oc transpoKeeping our transit system safe isn’t about how many special constables Calgary or Edmonton has.

It’s about how many we need.

Does Ottawa require more constables because this city has more transit users? Or do more transit users mean more eyes on the street so our system is safer?

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A Report That Could Change The 2014 Election

bus crash

The scene of the OC Transpo bus-VIA Rail accident near Woodroffe Avenue.

Nothing has gripped this community recently more than the fatal crash of an OC Transpo double-decker bus into a VIA Rail train on Woodroffe Avenue north of Barrhaven.

The crash resulted in six deaths and more than 30 injuries.

The Transportation Safety Board has ruled out problems with the train or signals leaving the road configuration and the city-operated bus as causes of the accident.

The question on the lips of politicians and public servants alike is when will the TSB report be released? Depending on what the report says, it could determine the futures of a number of people on Laurier Avenue, including the mayor.

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STO Will Travel Ottawa Streets Post-Tunnel

The roar of STO buses through Ottawa’s downtown.

Ottawans are paying $2.1 billion to get fast, efficient rail through downtown and to remove buses from the streets.

No doubt most of the OC Transpo buses will disappear from the surface of downtown.

And that’s great, except what about the Societe de Transport de l’Outaouais vehicles?

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Watson Supports Bus-Driver Safety

This is a release from Mayor Jim Watson’s office:

Mayor Jim Watson today announced his support for Bill C-533, recently tabled by the Member of Parliament for Wascana, Honourable Ralph Goodale, as well as Bill C-402 presented by the Member of Parliament for Burnaby—New Westminster, Peter Julian.

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Transit Fares ‘So Overpriced’: Tweep

Mayor Jim Watson took to Twitter to debate the increase in OC Transpo fares. Here is the result:


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Voters Will Want TSB’s Report

The Transportation Safety Board is famous for thoroughness. We also hope that the TSB will come to a decision on the OC Transpo-Via Rail crash near Woodroffe Avenue promptly.

The accident resulted in six deaths and more than 30 injuries.

Bulldog Ottawa is also hopeful the TSB will discuss the issue concerning whether the City of Ottawa should have built a grade separation at the Transitway-train level crossing after the release of a 2010 report on the issue.

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Bus-Train Crash Fallout: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray discuss the city’s failure to deal with safety measures after the Woodroffe Avenue bus-train crash near Barrhaven.

The podcast of the broadcast is below:

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Get Level-Crossing Procedures Straight

bus crash

The city said it didn’t believe it had a bylaw governing the horn on trains in the Barrhaven area. Then it found the bylaw saying  just that

What’s going on at Ottawa City Hall?

The municipal government appears almost paralysed when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of the tragic rail-bus accident just north of Barrhaven. And now this.

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Watson Fails To Lead In Transpo Tragedy


Mayor Jim Watson got the ceremonial side of the tragic bus-train accident right but he has failed in the area of concrete safety action.

So far when it comes to safety around the Woodroffe Avenue site near Barrhaven of the horrible bus-train crash, Mayor Jim Watson has asked city manager Kent Kirkpatrick to discover if a level crossing is suitable.

A 2010 report already tells the city the answer to that one. The level crossing needs re-examination to see if grade separation is necessary. But in true city style, it’s studying the issue some more. Accordingly, the second-biggest action the municipality has taken is ensuring that flowers aren’t put on the Transitway for safety reasons but at Fallowfield station.

If six deaths and many more injuries are not enough to tell the city that grade separation is necessary at the Woodroffe crossing, what is?

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Special Transit Meeting Cancelled

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. To read the previous release on this, click here.

No reason is given for the special meeting’s sudden cancellation:

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