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Sorry, But It’s Time To Cut Senior City Salaries

Ottawa city hall

The public should start looking at senior salaries at Ottawa City Hall.

Bulldog reader Doug took some time to send this along as a comment and many thanks for that.

Still I disagree on his point:

Doug says:

April 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM

But Marie Antoinette did not say that, public servants are not like royalty, and Ottawa’s citizens are nothing like 18th century France.

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Forget Byron, Put Rail Down Carling: Reader

byron main pic

This Bulldog Ottawa reader says Byron light rail will cut the community in two.

This very well-written email comes from a concerned Bulldog Ottawa reader who will be personally affected by the construction of western light rail:

Hello Ken:

I live between Richmond Road and the parkway, and thus have a direct interest in where the train will go.

I applaud the National Capital Commission for saying no to the city’s suggestion that the route be on the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. The NCC has provided strong arguments for why it shouldn’t be there. The fact there is little talk about the parkway route reflects the fact the NCC has been very clear that this is not a viable option for the city to pursue, not that people don’t care.

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No Answer On Byron Light Rail



More than two weeks ago, Bulldog Ottawa asked Mayor Jim Watson where he would like to build western light rail.

No answer.

One would think the mayor is practising avoidance. City staff has already said publicly that it has eliminated Carling Avenue as a site for western light rail in the face of differing views by the National Capital Commission, area MP Paul Dewar and Ontario Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi.

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Journalist Tweets Against Byron Light Rail

Journalist Jennifer Ditchburn sent this tweet along recently on her take concerning the city’s option of running western light rail down the Byron linear park.

According to her Twitter ID, Ditchburn is a Canadian Press reporter on Parliament Hill and a member of Neighbours for Smart Western Rail.

Thanks for the tweet:

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Is He Juan Fremont Or King Dickie?

The tweep Juan Fremont is back on the hashtags. You’ll remember he was too good for Bulldog Ottawa. Funny … he sounds a lot like King Dickie from Bulldog times past.

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City Staff’s Light-Rail Strategy

Spent some time this week speaking with a veteran city hall observer and this person sees the city strategy on Byron versus Carling light rail as this:

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That Rumble You Hear Is The Byron Train


The perfect place for a high-speed light-rail line, according to staff, the Byron linear park.

The impression I received on Tuesday night in a private conversation with a senior City of Ottawa planning official (before the enormous waste of time that was the huge planning meeting at city hall … more on that tomorrow) was that the minds of staff are set in stone.

If light rail can’t be run down the Macdonald Parkway, it will be built along the Byron linear park.

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Tree Of Life Sculpture To Grace Westboro

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Bulldog Ottawa would have preferred a sculpture of Newport owner Moe Atallah at this site, but this is very nice, too.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Jennifer Stead is the winning artist of the public art competition for the Churchill Avenue Rehabilitation Project. Stead’s sculpture Tree of Life (working title); will be situated at the southeast corner of Churchill and Byron Avenues, and is scheduled for installation in the Spring of 2015.

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An Offer To Debate Katherine Hobbs

Here is my response to Bulldog commenter John Wrigley about contacting Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs:

I stood within one foot of her on Thursday night at the Order of Ottawa presentations and she didn’t say a word. I was in another meeting with her a few months ago and she didn’t say a word.

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Anybody Know Of A Hobbs Meeting On Light Rail?

Here is Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs saying thank you to the voters of her ward post-election.

This is an email exchange between two residents concerning Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs and light-rail transit that was forwarded to Bulldog Ottawa:

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We Await Light-Rail Word From Katherine Hobbs

This Bulldog Ottawa reader sent an email concerning my post on Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs’s vague position on light rail down the Byron linear park in her ward.

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Yoo-Hoo, Katherine Hobbs

Councillor Katherine Hobbs should get off her bike and drop us a line about the vital issue of light rail through her ward.

Bulldog Ottawa asked politely for Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs’ position on the light rail down the Byron linear park. In her own ward. Strangely, we’re still waiting.

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