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City Hall Has Gone Native


An active public negates the power of special interest groups … especially the development industry.

The biggest problem with the concierge program at Ottawa City Hall is that staff, council and most certainly the mayor have gone native.

That’s an expression used during the heady days of empire when one of yours began to exhibit the traits of the locals in some far-flung post. In journalism, it’s a term that means that the reporter identifies more with his or her sources rather than reporting the truth or ignoring stories because they would embarrass some friends on a beat.

No, it has nothing to do with Canadian indigenous people.

And that’s what has happened at Ottawa City Hall.

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Nussbaum’s Stock Rises

The great Sheridan takes on the issue of conflict of interest in reference to the post Declare A Conflict of Interest:

This is very frustrating, especially the damage it will do to the already jaded youth vote.

David Miller (former Toronto mayor who voted in this type of legislation) said it best: “When you allow corporate donations, what you are allowing is someone who is better off and who controls a significant resource to have far more impact on who gets elected.”

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Staff Gave Faulty Info On Orgaworld Deal



Council was given inaccurate information and faulty methodology was used in framing the Orgaworld contract, audit committee chairman Rick Chiarelli said Monday.

“Council could not make a good decision,” Chiarelli said as the controversial audit is due to be released on Wednesday.

The committee chairman said that no proper methodology was used by city staff to arrive at the 80,000-tonne figure per year of organics to be supplied by the municipality to Orgaworld. The Orgaworld contract was framed by the 2006-2010 city council.

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Trinketgate And Dr. Rainer Clouseau



The brilliant Sheridan has come up with one of his best comments ever. It deserves better play so The Bulldog is giving it a full post.

This time he looks into the Ottawa City Council trinket scandal … you know, sports bags and ice scrappers and the like handed out by councillors to publicize themselves but at taxpayer expense.

To read about Councillor Rainer Bloess and the Trinketgate scandal, click here.

Here’s Sheridan:

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City’s Conflicted In Transpo Crash Probe

The City of Ottawa wears many conflicting hats in any outcome from the tragic crash of an OC Transpo bus with a Via Rail train this week near Woodroffe Avenue.

First, it has the responsibility of discovering what went wrong at the site and taking remedial action.

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The Secretive Bobblehead Council: Mike Patton Show



Oh that Mike Patton is at it again.

Patton, the Senior Fellow at The Arthur Meighen Institute for Public Affairs, is taking on Mayor Jim Watson (again) and his city council (again).

This time it is about secrecy, the lack of real consultation and the Bobblehead Council.

Click the player below to listen to The Mike Patton Show:

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Special Joint Meeting Called On Conduct Code

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Please be advised that in accordance with Subsection 82 (1) of the Procedure By-law, the Chair of the Finance and Economic Development Committee and of the Governance Renewal Sub-Committee has called a Special Joint Meeting for Thursday, 25 April 2013 at 1 p.m. for the purpose of considering the following items:

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Two Years Of City Council Woes (3): Podcast

This is the third part of my speech to the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa-Carleton on Jan. 22.

In this third part, we discuss the problems city council has faced over the past two years.

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Sun City Council Poll Doesn’t Matter

A Sun poll on the performance of Ottawa’s city councillors is woefully unscientific.

The Ottawa Sun poll of readers on city council performance means absolutely nothing.

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Secret Light-Rail Video Obtained By Bulldog Ottawa

The good people over at MOSH Communications got this video leaked to them of an in camera Ottawa City Council light-rail meeting.

In the interest of public service, the MOSHers sent this secret video to Bulldog Ottawa. Can you pick out your favourite councillors in the video?

The video is below:

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