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Second Taxi Review Report Awarded

ottawa logoKPMG and two other firms have been chosen to conduct the taxi regulations review.

Below is the release from the City of Ottawa:

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Don’t Let City Run Major Sports Venues

Bulldog contributor says leaving the city in charge of major sports facility upkeep just doesn’t work. Here is the result of decades of city maintenance at Lansdowne.

Superb Bulldog contributor Ron Benn takes a thoughtful look into putting a new Ottawa Senators arena on LeBreton Flats.

I, too, have struggled with what role government (at any level) should play in the development of professional sporting venues.

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A Formula For Beach Tragedy

The National Capital Commission will keep its beaches open until Labour Day.

The City of Ottawa will close its beaches (not have lifeguards on duty) on Saturday.

No one remembers the NCC being flush with cash but it’s beaches are open longer.

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Ottawa River Condo Issue Heats Up

When Ottawans heard that the National Capital Commission wanted to “animate” the Ottawa River shoreline, people thought they meant a restaurant here or there, a patio, some swimming holes, a few paddle boat docks and maybe the Daffy Duck Film Festival held on one of those floating movie screens.

However nothing in Ottawa is exactly what it seems. Often plans have a more sinister side. Harmless on the outside, dastardly on the inside.

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Developers Change Their Winning Game


Has the development industry over-played its hand in Ottawa?

The development industry and its friends on Ottawa City Council must not have played much tennis.

Had they, they would know the old tennis adage: Never change a winning game.

What do you want to do when you play tennis? Win (or if you are not competitive, at least get some exercise).

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City Cash Crunch Causes Hiring Freeze

This is a City of Ottawa internal document:

To / Destinataire

Mayor and Councillors

File/N° de fichier:

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Two Duds For The Price Of One

So Arts Court’s ground-breaking is delayed indefinitely.


Wasn’t Arts Court where the baseball money went when the city cheaped out on a team for the Coventry Road stadium. You know a team with a couple of the best owners in Minor League Baseball. Owners who could make baseball a success and could put on a show.

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Put Info, Teeth In Lobbyist Registry


What does this submission tell the public about the point of the lobby? Nothing. Is the lobbyist registry just political window-dressing?

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Watson Backs Ward Review In 2019

This is a release from the mayor’s office:

Dear colleagues,

I have had the opportunity to read the staff report on the Ward Boundary Review. It is a long report, and somewhat technical, which is to be expected given the topic, but a few elements of the report struck me immediately, namely:

There is no requirement under the Municipal Act to conduct a ward boundary review;

The Municipal Act does not identify any criteria for establishing ward boundaries;

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‘Emergency Repairs’ Close Bridge: Internal Document

This is an internal City of Ottawa document obtained by The Bulldog:

To / Destinataire

Mayor and Members of Council

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Professor Hughes Teaches Journalism


“This is a good news story.”

– City auditor general Ken Hughes on his report concerning the fraud and waste hotline


Ah yes, there’s nothing more a journalist likes than being told what to write.

And strangely when your agent was studying journalism at the University of Western Ontario, he missed the lecture on Good News Stories. Maybe he was at the Elbow Room.

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The Jury Is Out On Auditor Hughes



The greatest fear of critics with the appointment of Ken Hughes as auditor general was that everything would be nice at Ottawa City Hall.

You see Hughes was appointed from within the ranks of Ottawa city staff so he would be auditing his ex-colleagues of many years. The fear was that he couldn’t twist the knife with people he knew.

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Fraud Line Results In 16 City Firings

This is a release from the City of Ottawa auditor generals office:

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Hughes Releases AG Report On Fraud Hotline

This is a release by the City of Ottawa:

The City of Ottawa today received the Fraud and Waste Hotline Report tabled at Audit Committee by Auditor General Ken Hughes.

The Office of the Auditor General identified instances reported to the City’s Fraud and Waste Hotline in 2013 and 2014 which resulted in a range of management actions from discipline and suspension to termination.

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City, Police Charged By Labour Ministry

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor and Members of Council,

The purpose of this e-mail is to advise Council that the City of Ottawa was charged late this afternoon by the Ontario Ministry of Labour with five alleged violations of provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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Concierge Plan: What’s Up On That?

Hmmm. Wonder if the concierge plan will be raised?

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City’s Planning Committee will be meeting with the Planning and Growth Management team to review the department’s 2015-2018 work plan.

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Does The City Have Too Many Planners?

cityhallsmallThe city said surface light rail on the Macdonald Parkway would cost $980 million.

Then when the National Capital Commission won the Texas Cage Death Match (only one bureaucracy leaves the cage alive) 100-day negotiations with the City of Ottawa (in which the city declared a victory of compromise) by getting its demand for a Macdonald Parkway tunnel, the Watson administration said the same light-rail line with a tunnel would cost $980 million …. again.

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City, Developers Finally Get A Room

ottawa city hall - heritage

City hall is developing a concierge system for developers.

For years, wags around city hall have been saying that if the city got any closer to developers, they’d have to get a room.

Well guess what? They just got a room.

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Swag: Get Serious Or Go Home

ottawa logoYour agent really doesn’t give a sweet, flying damn about how much councillors paid for swag. Apparently the total is around $200,000.

Swag, by the way, are those little trinkets that are given to residents and the like with the councillor’s name on them. Publicity, you know.

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City Professionals Get Just Less Than 2% Over 3 Years

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor and Members of Council,

I am writing further to my earlier memo of May 20th, 2015, on the subject of the release of the CUPE 503 Inside/Outside interest arbitration award, in which I noted that the City was awaiting arbitration decisions in respect of the CUPE 503 (Part-Time Recreation and Culture), CUPE 503 (Aquatics) and Civic Institute of Professional Personnel collective agreements.

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City Opens Splash Pads

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City of Ottawa has opened the majority of its splash pads that will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily through to September. To view splash pad locations, visit

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City Seeks Parking-Spots Feedback

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Residents are invited to review a new discussion paper on proposed changes to the City By-law that sets out the minimum number of parking spots to be included in new developments or in existing buildings applying for change of use.

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Changes Recommended At Rail Crossing: Report

This is the report by Human Factors consultants prepared for the City of Ottawa concerning the Fallowfield Road-Via Rail level crossing.

It was written in response to Transport Canada safety concerns at the crossing.

The report is below:

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Debt: Mr. Two Per Cent No More

The Ottawa Sun has reported that the city’s debt is expected to triple over the decade based on projections for the end of this year.

The Bulldog had previously reported that the municipal debt had risen 21 per cent over the first two years of Mayor Jim Watson’s administration.

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City Reaches Deal With Plasco

This is a release from the City of Ottawa|:

Mayor and Members of Council,

This e-mail is a follow-up to my memorandum of April 23rd, 2015, regarding the status of a settlement with Plasco related to the $300,000 decommissioning security for its Demonstration Facility.  As referenced at Council earlier this morning, this will confirm that the City has now reached a settlement with Plasco and the Bank of Nova Scotia on the above-noted matter.

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