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City Reaches Deal With Plasco

This is a release from the City of Ottawa|:

Mayor and Members of Council,

This e-mail is a follow-up to my memorandum of April 23rd, 2015, regarding the status of a settlement with Plasco related to the $300,000 decommissioning security for its Demonstration Facility.  As referenced at Council earlier this morning, this will confirm that the City has now reached a settlement with Plasco and the Bank of Nova Scotia on the above-noted matter.

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ATU Membership Rejects City Contract Pact

This is an internal City of Ottawa document obtained by The Bulldog:

I am writing to provide an update on the tentative agreement reached between the City and ATU 279 bargaining teams for a renewal of their collective agreement. The President of ATU 279 has advised that the membership has rejected the tentative agreement, following a voting process that was completed earlier this evening.

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Influence Peddling At City Hall

This from Facebook on the failure of Ottawa City Council to ask the province for jurisdiction to deal with municipal corporate and union campaign contributions:

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City, Transit Union Reach Pact

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor Watson has asked me to inform you that, last night, the bargaining teams for the City of Ottawa and the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 279 (ATU 279), reached a tentative agreement for the early extension of their collective agreement, which would otherwise expire on March 31st, 2016.

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Wow, Ottawa Goes Existential


First on the agenda at FEDCO, a rather fundamental question.

Finance and Economic Development Committee appears to be getting into the realm of existential.

Above is the weekly email release from the city communications department on meeting times and a bit on agendas.

First on the runway for the committee is a question we’ve all asked at one time or another in a municipal kind of way: “Why Ottawa?”

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Team Says No To Early Sens Mile

go sens goThis is a release from the Ottawa Senators:

Dear Councillor,

Ottawa Senators President Cyril Leeder has reached out to Mayor Jim Watson and to Councillor Rick Chiarelli, thanking Ottawa City Council for its support for the team’s strong push to post-season play but asking that implementation of the Red Mile be deferred until after the Sens clinch a playoff spot – a tradition the Senators would like to maintain.

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The Miracle City Press Release

Who doesn’t believe in miracles?

Well I was skeptical about them until I saw this press release from Ottawa City Hall.

Here is a feel-good press release without a councillor or His Worship extolling the virtues of this and that. A miracle to be sure.

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City To Get Tough On E-Cigarettes

This is a release from city clerk and solicitor Rick O’Connor:

Mayor Watson, Chair Blais, Councillors and Members of the Transit Commission,

I am writing in respect of recent media reports regarding the use of e-cigarettes and “vaping” on OC Transpo buses and other City property.

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Auditor General To Report March 12

This is a release from the city’s auditor general’s office:

The Auditor General of the City of Ottawa, Ken Hughes, will table his annual report on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

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LRT To Be Buried Along Macdonald Parkway

light rail

This map provided by the NCC shows the route of the western extension of Ottawa’s light-rail project.

This is a release from the National Capital Commission:

A Working Group comprised of representatives from the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the City of Ottawa has reached an agreement in principle that would allow the City’s western light rail transit (LRT) extension to be fully buried under the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. This integrated solution meets the NCC’s conditions and the City of Ottawa’s affordability requirements, while advancing the creation of a waterfront linear park.

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Freeze Cuts Water To 128 Properties

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Sent on behalf of Dixon Weir, P.Eng., General Manager, Environmental Services

Dear Mayor Watson and Members of Council:

Please find attached a situational update on the City’s ongoing response to the frozen water service issue.

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End Of 100-day Rail Consultation Nears

This is an email from Bulldog reader Sam Armstrong:

Dear Ken,

The John Baird-Jim Watson Nov. 27 joint press release indicated they would have 100 days of consultation regarding the second phase of LRT and route allocation as it pertains to National Capital Commission land.  My understanding given Nov 27 was the 331st day of 365 days in 2014, the 100th day of this agreement is March 7 or the 66th day of 2015.

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The Daily Mobility Make-Work Project


Just a part of the riveting Daily Mobility Update that is sent to Ottawa media.

For those of you who were wondering what the Daily Mobility Update is that is sent each weekday to Ottawa’s media, a sample of it is above.

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Court Allows City-Plasco Talks To Continue

This is a letter from city clerk Rick O’Connor to Ottawa City Council concerning the situation surrounding court actions and negotiations between Plasco Energy Group and the City of Ottawa.

Please click on the highlighted words below:

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