Watson Goes Teletubby On Budget

The Teletubbies in action. Mayor Jim Watson will be in action in a Teletubbies consultation on June 25.

The Teletubbies was a preschooler TV show about little alien characters who talked in infantile gibberish.

Not to miss a trend, Mayor Jim Watson is holding a Tele-Town Hall on June 25 “before city staff begins developing the draft Budget 2016.” Ottawa’s foremost tweep will be asking for tweets, of course.

There’s just one problem: the strategic initiatives for budget 2016 have already been set by the mayor’s office. Precious little budget room is left for councillor initiatives let alone a raft of such suggestions from the public.

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LRT Activist Says Deal Done

This is an email sent to The Bulldog from light-rail activist Randy Gordon.

Gordon doesn’t think much come of the consultation … just the same old stuff again:

Call me cynical but I don’t think there will be much consultations going on.

I think the tone will be “the deal is done, isn’t compromise great, it’s within budget, only a few mitigations needed, be happy”.

It will be dejas vu–2013!

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Boycott Consultations, CDPs

ottawa city hallConsultation just doesn’t matter anymore at Ottawa City Hall.

The consultation on consultations legislation has already been thrown in the garbage can only just a few days since it was tabled and passed.

Witness the following:

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Meadowlands Plan Consultation

This is a release from the office of College Councillor Rick Chiarelli:

The office of Councillor Chiarelli is conducting a public consultation meeting on Monday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m. at Ben Franklin Place (101 Centrepointe Drive), on the Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal for 145-155 Meadowlands Drive.

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The Secretive Bobblehead Council: Mike Patton Show



Oh that Mike Patton is at it again.

Patton, the Senior Fellow at The Arthur Meighen Institute for Public Affairs, is taking on Mayor Jim Watson (again) and his city council (again).

This time it is about secrecy, the lack of real consultation and the Bobblehead Council.

Click the player below to listen to The Mike Patton Show:

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Boycott The City Rail Consultation Monday

ottawa city hall - heritage

Ottawans should not waste their time at city hall trying to convince politicians and public officials who can’t be convinced.

The fact that city staff and elected officials are unprepared to stand up in front of a group of Ottawa citizens shows how out-of-control the problems with public consultations have become.

No doubt the real reason the people who Ottawans have elected or appointed to serve their needs won’t face the public is because Ottawa City Hall realizes it is on the wrong side of this issue.

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Hold A Town-Hall Rail Meeting


A town-hall meeting is a brilliant and old democratic institution.

An avid Bulldog Ottawa reader (God bless ‘im) Jim Cheng of the Underground Solution rail lobbying group asked for my opinion on the format for the Monday, June 17 public consultation on the proposed Macdonald Parkway light-rail route.

OK, I’ll bite.

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This Just In: There Might Be Q & A At LRT Consult (2)

The city’s communication department got back to Bulldog Ottawa on whether or not there will be a townhall-style, Q & A at the June 17 light-rail public consultation and at 10:17 a.m. on Tuesday we can say authoritatively that there might be.

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This Just In: There Might NOT Be Q & A At LRT Consult (3)

The Ottawa Sun’s Jon Willing says there won’t be a Q & A session at the light-rail consultation at Ottawa City Hall on Monday.

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This Just In: It’s Official, No Rail Q & A Format (4)

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. There goes the time-honoured, interesting and effective town-hall format. Wonder why that is?:

Ottawa residents are invited to take part in an open house and drop-in consultation session regarding the planning and environmental assessment study for the proposed Western Light Rail Transit Corridor (WLRTC).

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This Just In: Rail Q & A For Councillors, Journalists? (5)

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. Maybe councillors and journalists will be able to do some Q &A.

When journalists and councillors get a technical briefing at the same time, it’s not hard to tell who’s running the show:

A technical briefing on the Western Light Rail Transit Corridor (WLRTC) study will be held to update City Councillors and journalists on the project.

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Oops, There Goes Civic Democracy Again



City staff, presumably with the approval of Mayor Jim Watson, has thrust upon Ottawans a new budget consultation schedule.

Compared to times past when budget meetings were held before hundreds in ward meetings, the memo from the city communications department says only four meetings will be held including the crucial central gathering on a Friday night. Nothing quite like a Friday night to keep attendance as low as possible.

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City Staff Wields Power

Bulldog reader Steven Preston sent along this tweet having read my take on the consultation on consultations being held at Ottawa City Hall.

Thank you, Steven.

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City To Consult On Nepean Rink Name

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City of Ottawa’s Commemorative Naming Committee is conducting public consultations on a proposal to name the outdoor rink at South Nepean Park, 700 Longfields Drive, ”Ted Hay Rink”.

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Residents Know What’s Best For Neighbourhoods

ottawa city hall

Ottawa City Hall has lost touch with the people it represents.

Poor Aaron Burry. A great capable guy with a difficult assignment.

The city’s general manager of social services must change the culture and image of city staff using a consultation process that is deeply flawed.

You see, the consultation process now is perceived by the public to be a dog-and-pony show. In other words, most of the major decisions have been made by the time the public part of the process has begun. Why some councillors have trouble discovering what’s going on in their wards when staff gets its teeth in an issue.

Accordingly, the public doesn’t have a chance.

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City Wants To Learn How To Listen

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. This will be grist for an upcoming blog post no doubt:

The City of Ottawa is reaching out to residents this spring in order to improve how staff consults with individuals and groups on important issues. Continue reading

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