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Please Sir, I Want A Concierge, Too

ottawa logoLook … your agent needs a concierge.

Why I’m redeveloping my lot which is zoned for three storeys but I want 55 storeys. Surely we can work something out.

You know, we need intensification so I frankly don’t see the problem with putting a 55-storey tower in a residential area. And you don’t need visitor parking anymore so that’s a slam dunk. Why the city was ready to allow two towers at 335 Roosevelt in Westboro so what’s wrong with just one tower on my street. Like what is my street … chopped liver?

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Concierge Plan Is An Affront To Democracy



The city is planning to appoint 20 “ambassadors” in the planning department to represent the needs of the city’s top developers.

Your agent wonders what happens to the 21st developer.

Popularly known as the concierge program, it makes a mockery of democracy. Ottawa appears democratic once every four years. The rest of the time the public is patronized by politicians, developers and public servants.

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Jack Stirling Starts New Career

Former Minto vice-president Jack Stirling has formed his own firm.

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Concierge Plan: What’s Up On That?

Hmmm. Wonder if the concierge plan will be raised?

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City’s Planning Committee will be meeting with the Planning and Growth Management team to review the department’s 2015-2018 work plan.

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FCA Opposes Concierge Plan

The Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa-Carleton has come out strongly against the new “ambassadors” to developers or concierge program.

Does anyone like this plan except city planners, developers and some councillors? What was the crying need from the public to provide concierges for individual developers to get through the system? Was the public informed of this plan during the election campaign?

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Does The City Have Too Many Planners?

cityhallsmallThe city said surface light rail on the Macdonald Parkway would cost $980 million.

Then when the National Capital Commission won the Texas Cage Death Match (only one bureaucracy leaves the cage alive) 100-day negotiations with the City of Ottawa (in which the city declared a victory of compromise) by getting its demand for a Macdonald Parkway tunnel, the Watson administration said the same light-rail line with a tunnel would cost $980 million …. again.

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Concierge Planning Offers Nothing To Taxpayers

ottawa logoThis is a comment from long-time Bulldog contributor Ron Benn concerning the new concierge system that will assign city staffers to developers to speed their applications through the civic bureaucracy:

The city planning department speaks its own language, to the point where outsiders cannot hold a meaningful conversation with them, as the terminology used by planners is unknown to the great unwashed.

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“The communities have ambassadors and they’re called councillors.”


– Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder on the new concierges who will serve developers and speed their applications through Ottawa City Hall.

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Dump The Tall Buildings

leafslogoOttawa doesn’t need 55-storey towers.

It’s turning us into little Toronto.

Which is built like Everywhere North America. Throw Dallas and Toronto on a table and you can’t tell the difference.

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Windmill Plans Last Chaudiere Meeting

This is a release from Windmill Development Group which is planning a huge project on the Chaudiere and Albert Islands and on the Gatineau shoreline:

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Development Charges In Detail

Here are the details behind the new development charges at the City of Ottawa. The charts are from the municipality:

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Building Increases In 2013

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Ottawa’s new housing and construction project activity rose higher in 2013, according to the City of Ottawa Building Code Services report.

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Parliament Hill Faces Intensification

winterlude parliament

In the future, Parliament Hill will figure in the city’s intensification plans.

Feb. 18, 2017: News Flash: Prime Minister Ben Mulroney, in a surprise move, asks the City of Ottawa planning department to evaluate Parliament Hill and its buildings for renovation and intensification.

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Right On, Diane Holmes



It takes a brave councillor to stand up to city staff. That’s because city staff can make a councillor’s life miserable.

Need a road plowed, councillor? Yeah, we’ll get to it … someday. Grass needs to be cut on an empty lot … sure, it’s 148th in line.

But Somerset Councillor Diane Holmes doesn’t put up with a lot of guff. And she has called down the Planning and Growth Management Department in the way it deserves. Holmes is right … it no longer serves the citizens of Ottawa.

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