Defend Taxpayer For A Change, Jim Watson



Good lawyers don’t advise their clients to lose a case.

That’s bad for business. Not a lot of repeat clients if that’s what happens.

Now Gowling Lafleur Henderson is a topnotch law firm so its advice is solid.

Those legal types say the city can win its dispute over who pays for fixing the roof on the arena at Lansdowne. At least that’s what David Reevely’s column in the Citizen says.

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What Watson Won’t Say: Top 10 List

TOP 10 LISTMayor Jim Watson is probably the most prominent politician in Ottawa.

Nobody does PR better. In fact that’s probably why he is featured so often in The Bulldog … nobody else is talking. We apologize Your Worship but if you kept a lower profile, you wouldn’t be getting so many pixels in The Bulldog.

So while we’re on talking, let’s conduct a little experiment. We know what Watson says but it would be interesting to consider what he would never say.

Thus the topic of today’s Top 10 list:

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Send Lansdowne To Arbitrator: Reader

Lansdowne Park as it was envisaged in 2012.

Bulldog  commenter Sheridan says we will see who on council is willing to stand up for the public on Lansdowne and send this problem to an arbitrator:

Remember that mayoral candidate Jim Watson promised no more sole-sourcing, and then went on to support Plasco (until it went bankrupt) as well as the RCR on the casino deal. Time to shine some light on these sole-sourcing deals.

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32-Foot Screen In Arena For Grey Cup

This is a release from the Glebe BIA:

The Glebe Business Improvement Area congratulates the Ottawa RedBlacks for the historic win that will be sending them to the Grey Cup against the Edmonton Eskimos on November 29 at 6pm.

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Glebe Parking Garage Opens

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Glebe businesses and residents will receive a special Halloween Treat: the new Glebe Parking Garage is now open for business.

Glebe shoppers and visitors are able to park on the first three levels of the garage while remaining work takes place to complete the fourth floor.

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Eek! Parking At Lansdowne

The quiet song above by Chris de Burgh is in contrast to the difficulties concert-goer Elina Olsen had trying to find a parking space at Lansdowne to see the show.

Many critics of Lansdowne during its planning stages said it would be a nightmare to get to the development.

Already busy streets, limited parking and no mass transit line nearby.

Here is one woman’s experience:

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Is The Glebe A Tourist Area?

The Glebe Business Improvement Area would like to see its neighbourhood declared a tourist area so that stores and the like can stay open on statutory holidays.

Is the Glebe a tourist area? It’s arguable but not really.

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When Does Public Get Wise To Watson?



This is a comment from the great Bulldog contributor Sheridan.

He is responding to the post: Surprise! Parking Problems At Lansdowne:

“So all of this has come to pass.”

But let us be clear that this was not through ignorance. Indeed, if anyone knew that traffic/parking would be an issue at Lansdowne, it was Mayor Jim Watson, who used to be a councillor for the Capital ward, as well as being a former Mayor of Ottawa (pre-amalgamation).

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Obey The Law, Whole Foods

QUOTABLENepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod certainly got this one correct.

MacLeod is speaking about the decision of Whole Foods in the Glebe to open on Good Friday.

“As Ontarians we don’t get to pick and choose which laws we obey. Over the years I have heard from many law-abiding retailers who are concerned with companies like Whole Foods who thumb their nose at the rules and by extension the Legislature, in essence creating an unlevel playing field.”

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Stand Up For The Glebe, Jim Watson



Is this what Mayor Jim Watson and the people behind Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group envisaged when they opened and re-opened the various amusements at the former Lansdowne Park?

Were they blind to the fact that residents of the Glebe saw all this coming? They had lived through the Rough Rider years, after all.

Now residents of neighbourhoods surrounding Lansdowne are being assaulted by people peeing on their back fences and exposing themselves. Vomit is on the sidewalks or elsewhere.

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Get Over It On Lansdowne: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and The Bulldog’s Ken Gray debate what residents of the Glebe should expect on RedBlack football game days.

To listen to a broadcast of the show, click on the podcast below:

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Lansdowne: It’s Not Watson’s Project



Might there be an election coming?

Mayor Jim Watson has been milking Lansdowne for votes for some time now. Updates on the stadium, this opening, that opening. Watson, never known for turning down a photo shoot, has been all over Lansdowne in the PR sense, even by his voluminous standards.

Now Watson is joined by two councillors on this vote gravy train in a grip-and-grin event today.

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Lansdowne Traffic: Worth Repeating

OC Transpo

The problem with taking the bus to Lansdowne is that those vehicles are caught in the same traffic that drivers try to avoid by taking public transit.

Now that part of Lansdowne Park is about to open, the words of Capital Councillor David Chernushenko ring true.

Of course we’ve known about the transit-challenged Glebe area for years but Ottawa went ahead to build a park, shopping centre, high-rises and refurbish the stadium. All will add more traffic:

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Give Us City Hall Leadership


Mayor Jim Watson’s term has been marked by many administrative errors.

Frequent Bulldog commenter and community activist Ron Benn serves up this very interesting comment on the breakdown in municipal administration:

Mayor Jim Watson’s most notable achievement in the 3 or years years that he has occupied the mayor’s chair is that he brought harmony to council.

No more long drawn out public ramblings by discontented councillors, no councillors sniping at each other in public. To paraphrase his comments of a year ago, we don’t have a gong show like in Toronto. The negative side of this outcome is that there are no meaningful discussions at committee and council meetings.

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Glebe Readies For Redblacks

This is a release from the Glebe BIA:

Glebe merchants are prepared to greet thousands of fans heading their way on July 18 for the Redblacks home opener. The Glebe BIA is planning a big welcome as they animate the street with entertainment, music and super fans to create the ultimate fan experience.

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Ottawans Must Demand Better Government

ottawa city hall

Too many things are going wrong at Ottawa City Hall.

The $8-million fiasco that is the result of the green-bin audit is part of a dreadful series of mistakes at Ottawa City Hall that is an embarrassment for public servants, politicians and taxpayers themselves.

Missing paperwork and misinformation on the organics program sent the way of council is completely inappropriate but something is much worse than this mess. That is bad and sometimes multi-million-dollar screwups are becoming the norm at city hall.

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Watson’s Management Of The News

Here’s how you distract the media from the horrid audit of the Orgaworld contract.

Take a bus-full of media to Lansdowne to open the stade. That means fewer media covering the green-bin train wreck and a good-news story to offset the bad-news story coming out Wednesday at city hall.

Bet the bus is full.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

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Lansdowne Retail Mix Not Developers’ Fault

This is a City of Ottawa video on construction at Lansdowne Park last year.

Developers are not in the business of charity. They’re in the business of making money.

That’s what they do naturally. Birds chirp, fish swim, developers develop.

So if the city gives some developers a break on building heights, all developers will expect a break on building heights. That’s why the number of storeys on buildings in Ottawa resembles a bidding war rather than planning.

And if you allow tall condos to be built beside single-family homes … even on commercial ribbons that abut residential areas … developers will do it. Because most are not in the business of protecting neighbourhoods or creating brilliant urban milieus, their MO is making money. Nothing wrong with that. But that’s all.

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