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Be Nice To The Mayor, Bulldog

As if there wasn’t enough discussion Thursday about Bulldog opinions, your agent gets this on Twitter:

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Watson Shows His True Grit



This is how Mayor Jim Watson treats “his good friends” in the Conservative party after they have just helped fund the city’s light-rail Phase 2 fiasco.

In his grandstanding showboat show in which local federal candidates debate local issues at city hall, Watson made a point of embarrassing the Conservatives. King Jimbo the First, ruler of all of Ottawa (including Parliament Hill), left a chair open with the Conservative logo nearby in the debate to show those plucky Tories had stood up his Kingship for the debate.

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The Mayor’s Next Job?

The post above on Mayor Jim Watson’s empty Tory chair leads to another point.

Watson has certainly had a high profile in the federal election campaign.

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Keep The Law Out Of This Sex Tool

Thank you to Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney and Mayor Jim Watson for explaining what the sexual implement a “chest binder” is.

Your agent had no idea.

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Racist? Whopper Watch


“I often find it ironic when I hear people with heavy accents, who are obviously new Canadians themselves, saying we don’t want to accept more people from offshore. There’s really quite an underlying tone of racism in that element.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson


How can people with heavy accents be racist when not wanting to accept refugees to Canada?

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Mayor Pays Tribute To Keeping

This is a release from the mayor’s office on the death of news-reader Max Keeping on Thursday:

“Ottawa has been blessed to have Max Keeping as an important part of its local family for as long as anyone can remember.

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Will Watson Be Gone Before 2018?



For years now The Bulldog has been saying that, in the words of a senior city public servant, Mayor Jim Watson is a great retail politician but is lacking on the wholesale side.

Now that is coming home to roost. The Bulldog estimated that from the number of events that Watson was attending plus the more than 50,000 tweets the mayor sends out, those two functions were taking up the time of 1.5 full time employees.

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The Bulldog Turns Three Years Old Today

mayor bulldogHard to believe but The Bulldog has its third birthday this morning.

Why it only seems like yesterday that The Bulldog left the cosy confines of and to become a separate being at 6 a.m. three years ago … to the surprise of many. And we’re still going strong.

In fact this baby has been talking for some time now. Interestingly the infant’s first words were Larry O’Brien, Katherine Hobbs and Jim Watson.

Much gratitude to the above three contributors to this website but even more thanks to our loyal readers … and particularly so to those who comment so expertly. Through no work of mine, the contributors to The Bulldog’s comment section have created a debate forum in this community that is far above other media in quality. Often I am dumbfounded by the intellectual savvy of our most astute readers. Thank you from the bottom of my bulldog heart.

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A Division At City Council


“More and more, councillors are choosing the will of their communities over consensus and congeniality. We didn’t see this sort of split very often with the previous council.”

Ottawa writer Jonathan McLeod on the change in city council

McLeod might be pushing the idea of a crack in council a tad much.

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‘Who Cares, Jim Watson:’ Top 10 List



Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has been showboating around using the federal election as a personal public-relations vehicle. Oh that federal candidates could get the same amount of coverage as Grandstand Jim.

First the mayor invited local party candidates for a briefing at Ottawa City Hall on the municipality’s needs. The Tories didn’t show at the first such clambake.

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Mayors have “a very specific commitment to their constituents. They’re elected by those people and are required to look out after their interests.”

National Capital Commission chairman Russ Mills on putting
the region’s two mayors on the NCC board.

What that means in English is …

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Watson’s No Marion Dewar: Reader

Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan weighs on Mayor Jim Watson’s real or imagined city largess concerning the Syrian  refugees.

He wonders where that generosity was when the Odawa Centre was in jeopardy.

Sheridan is responding to The Bulldog post Where’s The Money, Jim Watson?

Sheridan’s comments are below:

This is the same Mayor Jim Watson who turned his back on the Odawa Centre (an Ottawa aboriginal drop-in centre) that was threatened with closure when the funding rules were changed to an approach which favoured housing support (i.e. getting the homeless into housing units).

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Where’s The Money, Jim Watson?

Mayor Jim Watson told the federal government the City of Ottawa is ready to help Syrian refugees who are brought to Canada.

Watson also told a meeting of religious and community leaders at city hall that he would hold a public forum and help get residents and groups interested in sponsoring Syrian refugees together with relevant organizations.

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Watson Caught In Twitter Taxi Whopper

Still haven’t heard from Mayor Jim Watson when he fired up a whopper on Twitter saying he’s fast-tracking a new $300,000 taxi report.

Perhaps he has forgotten that the city has sat on its own taxi report for three years. The report was to cover all areas of the taxi industry. Maybe had it been released years ago, we wouldn’t have all these taxi problems today.

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The Developers Have Won



Now after the 180 Metcalfe St. vote on city council, it is safe to say that the development industry has the unencumbered run of the entire city.

The developer got 27-storeys when the community design plan said 12. The community gets a piddling $200,000 if the developer decides to use six storeys for a hotel. Use it for condos? No $200,000.

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Who Runs Ottawa? One Guess

oc transpoOC Transpo has accumulated a deficit of $11 million for 2015. Add that to the $41-million shortfall on the operating budget.

That’s $52 million. Not a pretty picture.

But consider this.

Ottawa has now had time to see the results of transit-oriented development. Is this shortfall the result? Does TOD not work? Apparently not, if the ridership figures are accurate.

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Watson Showboats On Questionnaire

Mayor Jim Watson continued his showboating using the federal election as his platform.

It’s not that Watson lacks for grandstanding in times when there is not a federal election. He could turn the opening of an envelope into a media event. Grip-and-grin photos everywhere.

Nevertheless on Wednesday, His Worship sent off a questionnaire to the federal party leaders asking what their positions would be on municipal issues where the federal government will play a role.

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Watson Fails As Mayor: Reader

Mayor Jim Watson doing what he does best … campaigning. This from 2014.

This is a contribution from commenter Ron Benn who looks at the performance of Mayor Jim Watson:

At issue is what role should the mayor play in a city of 900,000 residents, with a $3B budget, and an integral relationship with the federal government, as a major employer, a major land owner, and a key player in the setting of the vision for the national capital.

Rather than focus on a job description, I suggest that the following characteristics are key to the position.

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Watson Grills Federal Leaders



Mayor Jim Watson sent out this press release to the media Wednesday morning showing he has asked the federal leaders a number of questions concerning the relationship between the City of Ottawa and the federal government.

Watson would like an answer from the federal leaders by Sept. 30.

Click on the link below to see the document:

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Do We Want A Smiler Or A Mayor?



People in Ottawa have wondered out loud about why The Bulldog takes issue with Mayor Jim Watson so often.

They think your agent dislikes him. Not in the least

Oh sure some of the things Watson has said about me in private that have got back to me have grated somewhat. And for a person who graduated in communications at Carleton University, the Bulldog was deeply concerned about his blacklisting of this publication.

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The Issue Is Trust: Reader

Bulldog contributor Sheridan, commenter extraordinaire, takes on the issue of sole-sourcing at the City of Ottawa.

He looks back at the campaign pledges of Mayor Jim Watson on the topic and finds today’s practice wanting.

Jim Watson campaigned in 2010 on a slogan of: “Leadership for a better Ottawa.”

Watson specifically attacked Mayor Larry O’Brien over the issue of trust: “During the past four years citizens have witnessed a lack of transparency and accountability that has tarnished the Mayor’s Office and City Hall.”

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Why Refugee Issue Works For Watson


Mayor Jim Watson’s great blitz on the refugee question changed the politically damaging agenda at city hall. So is this a great humanitarian crusade or petty politics?

The agenda shift is on.

While the world is shocked by the refugee situation, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, a master of public relations, decided it was time to focus the media’s attention from two issues that were killing him.

It’s his regular old ploy.

The $41-million budget shortfall and the $60-million (unnecessary) sole-sourcing of a contract for the light-rail contract were big trouble. Watson was facing a major fiscal and ethical PR crisis.

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Katherine Hobbs Come Back: Top 10 List

Our mayor doing what he does best.

TOP 10 LISTThe $41-million shortfall on the City of Ottawa’s 2015 budget with more to come has shocked Ottawans.

So The Bulldog and its crack team of investigative reporters probed into the actions of Mayor Jim Watson, city staff and council.

With reference to the mayor, our gumshoes were relieved that tweets are free.

The investigation has been turned into a Top 10 list and the results are below:

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Cut Council Wasteful Spending: Odub

Bulldog contributor Odub criticizes council for its odd spending habits:


On Tuesday I witnessed one of our city councillors shopping at the local discount grocery stores. Funny how they look for savings and control their spending when it’s THEIR money?

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Watson Makes Commitment Until He Doesn’t

light rail

A giant $60-million contract for Phase 2 of Ottawa’s light-rail project has been sole-sourced.

No sole-sourcing Mayor Jim Watson pledged during the 2010 municipal election campaign.

So Watson called for bids for the lease on the Coventry Road baseball stadium and took the lowest bid rather than the best bid. Accordingly he screwed up and baseball in this city has suffered a setback from which it probably will never recover. Watson didn’t know what he was doing. No sports fan … no business expert. Good at getting elected though.

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