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Independent Bulldog Turns Two Today

bulldogMany thank you’s to the great readership and commenters on The Bulldog.

Your support has kept The Bulldog healthy as this news site celebrates its second birthday as an independent entity. Freedom of speech is alive and well here.

On Sept. 17, 2012 at 6 a.m., The Bulldog was first published as an independent entity.

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Parsing Jim Watson’s Record: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and The Bulldog’s Ken Gray discuss whether Mayor Jim Watson deserves to be re-elected in the Oct. 27 municipal election based on his record.

To hear a podcast of The Bulldog on CFRA’s Afternoon Edition, click the podcast player below:

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Will New NCC CEO Succeed? Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Ron Corbett (filling in for regular host Rob Snow) and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray discuss the choice of Mark Kristmanson as chief executive officer of the National Capital Commission on the Afternoon Edition.

To hear the Bulldog segment of the show on CFRA, click on the podcast player below:

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Cisco Funding Was Right: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray discuss the Ontario government’s funding incentives to bring Cisco jobs to Ottawa and the province as a whole.

To hear the Bulldog segment on Snow’s Afternoon Edition, click on the podcast player below:

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Jim Watson: More Management, Less Tweet



This is infuriating.

Mayor Jim Watson is asking the review of the bridge fiasco (Which one? The Airport Parkway? Strandherd-Armstrong? Hazeldean Road?) to name names of city employees who made errors.

Bulldog Ottawa will name some. Let’s start with Jim Watson.

Why? Because Watson is responsible for the actions of the employees of the City of Ottawa. So is city manager Kent Kirkpatrick and so is deputy city manager Nancy Schepers.

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The Bus Crash And The Casino: Bulldog On CKJD

ckdjDarcy Lynch at CKDJ here in Ottawa invited me onto the station’s afternoon news program On Point last week to discuss happenings in the Ottawa area.

We talk about the tragic bus-train crash, the casino issue and how bulldogottawa.com and bulldogcanadian.com came into being.

A podcast of the interview follows:

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Thank You On The Bulldog Birthday

birthdayOne year ago today, Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian were born.

We were unsure about whether readers would follow or be able to find the new publications when we moved from the Ottawa Citizen, where The Bulldog had been the most popular local affairs blog in the city.

The first day was very promising with just more than 500 page views. The next day was sobering … around 200 and it stayed that way for about a week. We were nervous.

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Dangerous Trucks And Sandra Oh: Bulldog On CFRA



Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray and CFRA’s Ron Corbett discuss the danger of trucks in downtown Ottawa after the tragic explosion at Lac-Megantic, Que., and actress Sandra Oh receiving the key to the city.

To listen to the broadcast, click the player below:

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Watson Chooses Bad NCC Target: Bulldog On CFRA

Ken Gray of Bulldog Ottawa joins CFRA’s Ron Corbett to discuss Mayor Jim Watson’s fight with the National Capital Commission.

Watson has long used the Crown corporation as a target but Gray says the NCC has changed and is not the same closed, unlistening organization it once was.

To listen to the podcast from CFRA, click on the player below.

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The Tweeps Tweet At Bulldog Ottawa

Time to catch up on the Twitter discourse on Bulldog Ottawa.

We’re out there if you want to follow us. Just click here.

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Put Rail On Carling Avenue: Bulldog On CFRA

CFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray talk about the issue on everyone’s mind these days.

What else? Light rail on Carling Avenue and the folly of the Richmond Underground.

To hear the podcast, click on the player below:

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Rob Ford’s Woes In Toronto: The Bulldog On CFRA

Rob Snow and Ken Gray discuss Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s difficulties and the city’s problems with starting a film studio.

To hear the Bulldog on CFRA, click on the audio player below:

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CFRA, Bulldog Cause A Buzz

Bulldog Ottawa was pleasantly surprised by the buzz created by joining Rob Snow on CFRA Tuesdays at 3 p.m. And there was one dissenting voice

Here is the verdict from Twitter:

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