Grit Victory: Change Versus No Change

Justin Trudeau’s message of change resonated with Canadians.

Government relations professional Walter Robinson offered this excellent column to The Bulldog on the factors behind the Grit victory in the federal election.

Robinson is a former Tory MP candidate, former federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and a former chief of staff at the City of Ottawa:

The historic victory by the Liberals on Oct. 19 was well-planned, executed and earned.

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Ottawa Has Great Cabinet Choices



Ottawa has a few very good candidates for the Justin Trudeau cabinet.

If Ottawa South Grit David McGuinty doesn’t get a post we should be checking if the selection committee was trying out the marijuana before it is legalized.

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LIVE BLOG: Bulldog Vote 2015

Welcome to Bulldog Vote 2015 LIVE BLOG.ballot

Join Bulldog editor Ken Gray and the website’s outstanding commenters for a day of discussion, information and debate on the federal election.

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The Bulldog Endorses Justin Trudeau

election endorsementThe Bulldog has been endorsing local candidates in Ottawa area federal riding but now turns its sights on who the website feels should be prime minister.

Stephen Harper, Conservative: This is an easy decision.

Few times in recent Canadian political history have we seen such a cynical and debasing appeal to voters. Of course, your agent speaks of the niqab issue.

The Conservatives, desperate from fear of losing their position of power, seized upon a woman trying to become a Canadian citizen (and by the way when you look through her educational and work background, is exactly the kind of person we want to be a Canadian immigrant) while wearing her niqab.

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How The Election Will Unfold: Digital Dog Podcast




Today will introduce something new to The Bulldog … Digital Dog.

It’s a weekly podcast that will feature discussion on local and national affairs, just like The Bulldog.

Jay Tysick, managing partner of Faraday Partners consulting, a director of the Meighen Institute and a political insider at the federal, provincial and local levels, predicts the results of Monday’s federal election with The Bulldog’s Ken Gray.

Tysick’s call? A Conservative minority.

The 12-minute podcast is below:

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Here’s Who You Back In Election: Bulldog Poll

bulldog pollThese are the final results of the Bulldog Poll on which party readers will be supporting in Monday’s federal election.

The tally is below:

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Which Party Will You Support? Bulldog Poll

bulldog pollSo we’re fast approaching the end of the long federal election campaign so it is time to ask that question that everyone needs to answer.

Which party will you be supporting in the federal election?

The voting box is below. You get one vote and you’ll automatically be checked out of the box below once you have voted. That’s also how you will know that your vote has successfully been received.

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Leslie The Best In Orleans

election endorsementOrleans is a riding that constantly lobbies for more federal government jobs.

That’s not the strategy in the vibrant west end where people and businesses move because it is a good place to raise a family and create businesses.

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Bulldog Takes McCrimmon In Kanata-Carleton

election endorsementKanata-Carleton has two kinds of Conservatives.

Kanata has your garden-variety urban Conservative who can be convinced now and then to vote Liberal when the Tories are in trouble. Thus the swing vote.

Outside of Kanata, you have your rural Conservative who is your average Tory times two. Things such as gun control resonate with rural Conservatives.

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Pick McGuinty Again In Ottawa South

election endorsementThe Bulldog is endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Ottawa South riding:

David McGuinty, Liberal: To paraphrase Mark Twain, it’s hard to throw a brick in Ottawa South without hitting a McGuinty.

His brother Dalton had a long high-profile career in provincial politics. Why the McGuintys’ father represented the riding.

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Trudeau’s New NDP: Kinsella

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella says Justin Trudeau is turning the Liberal party into the new NDP.

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NDP Leads The Pack: Major Poll

Angus Reid this morning released its latest poll on the current popularity of the federal parties leading up to the October election.

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The Tories: They Just Weren’t Ready

Conservative ads such as this one above have cut into Justin Trudeau’s popularity markedly.

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella maintains federal Conservative ads saying Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is just not ready have been very effective.

So effective in fact that Kinsella says they have dropped Trudeau in the polls and made the NDP the left’s alternative in the upcoming federal election.

But recently “The Interview” Tory ads raise the question of what Trudeau would have done during the 2008-2009 Great Recession.

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The Last Days Of Stephen Harper



If you read one article on the state of the electoral prospects leading up to the federal election, this is the one you should check out.

The always interesting Chantal Hebert of the Toronto Star examines the state of the voting nation and finds that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in deep trouble and the fortunes of the NDP are rising across the country.

And as usual, local MP and cabinet minister Pierre Poilievre takes his lumps in the article.

A very interesting read:

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Harper Tories Don’t See Danger

The Toronto Star’s Chantal Hebert senses that Canadians are getting into the mood for change at the federal level:

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The Political Change Thing



So the polling site ThreeHundredEight.com has the federal Tories up by a couple of points over the Grits and the NDP about six points behind the other two.

What does this mean? Not much on the surface of it.

But think for a second.

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“For Justin Trudeau there really was no news from Alberta which is good news. Trudeau is counting very much on being a (mildly) charismatic leader, of generating a wave-election that would have him hopscotch over the NDP. With each week this is less and less likely. His presence still has magnetic media draw, but it’s weakening. Familiarity takes some of the glitter off celebrity figures.”

– Rex Murphy, National Post


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Liberal Wine, Beer Rules A Wash

Maclean’s Anne Kingston examines what’s in store for Ontarians as new rules for selling wine and beer come down the pipe:

Details will be released during the provincial budget. What is known is that hundreds of large supermarkets (read: Loblaw Companies, Wal-Mart, Sobeys) will be able to sell imported and Canadian wine and craft beer in its own section, like deli or snack food, which is a big win for them.

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