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Jim Watson’s Light-Rail Outrage

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

What’s going on here?

First the City of Ottawa (the residents’ government, not that of the mayor, council or bureaucrats) wouldn’t release to the voting and tax-paying public how much expropriations cost for Phase 1 of the light-rail project. Residents have a right to know how their money is spent.

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Hintonburg’s Detoured Bus Woes

Community activist Karen Large discussed on Facebook how some neighbourhoods are treated differently by the City of Ottawa.

She is referring to The Bulldog post, “What Rockcliffe Wouldn’t Tolerate.”

The evidence is below:

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City Updates Light-Rail Progress

The City of Ottawa has updated the progress of Phase 1 of the light-rail project.

The release for this update is below. Just click on the highlighted words:

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Ottawa Politics Needs Vision And Leadership

light rail

It is still not too late to change the course of light rail in Ottawa.

This is a comment from Bulldog contributor Ron Benn who addresses what it will take for a candidate to run for municipal office in 2018.

His comment was in response to The Bulldog post: “Can You Run Against LRT Errors In 2018?”

Benn’s opinion is below:

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Can You Run Against LRT Errors In 2018?

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Finally it appears the light rail route through the west end is set in stone but for the good people at the Unitarian Church, the nearby daycare and its seniors home.

So what do we have at the end of this great clash of ideas?

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“Transit won’t trip up baseball”

– headline from Ottawa Sun

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Innes Road Work To End In September

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Beginning Monday, April 27 there will be lane reductions on Innes Road between Highway 417 and Blair Road.

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“I believe the public deserves a clear and direct answer to those seeking federal office as to where they stand on light rail transit and our economic future as a city.”

– Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

Comment below

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Play Nice With The Other Kids, Your Worship

Mayor Jim Watson has asked all federal candidates for this fall’s election to say where they stand on light rail.

That’s rather presumptuous of the mayor given that he has no authority to demand these things. But furthermore it rather backs a candidate against the wall … either agree to the city’s demand for LRT or we out you as an anti-LRTist. The shame.

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NCC Board OKs Buried Light Rail On Parkway

nccThis is a release from the National Capital Commission:

The Board of Directors of the National Capital Commission (NCC) approved today, at its public meeting, the “100-day agreement” to allow the City of Ottawa’s western light rail transit (LRT) extension to be fully buried under the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.

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A Vital NCC Board Meeting

Bulldog reader Randy Gordon points out there are some big-time agenda items at this morning’s National Capital Commission board meeting today.

There’s using the Macdonald Parkway for the city’s light-rail project, land use at LeBreton Flats and public access to Chaudiere Falls.

Those are heavy-duty decisions to be made. The agenda is below:

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What’s It All About, Alex?

This tweep questions the motives of former Ottawa councillor Alex Cullen:

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Child-Care Centre Takes On Light Rail

First the issue was a seniors home that would be disrupted by the western light-rail route.

Now it’s all about youngsters:



City Clerk

City of Ottawa

110 Laurier Ave. West

Ottawa ON K1P 1J1

Dear City Clerk:

Re. Public Consultation – LRT West Route Environmental Assessment

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Seniors Hold Trump Card In Watson Dispute (1)



No doubt during last October’s municipal election campaign, Mayor Jim Watson came knocking on the doors of Unitarian House.

Watson would have told you how much he supports seniors and will list off city programs for seniors. Why? Because he needs seniors. Seniors vote … unlike other segments of our populace. The mayor cannot afford to alienate seniors.

Despite walkers and wheelchairs and cold temperatures, seniors find a way to the polls. No doubt they will vote for that nice tall, handsome man with the baritone voice who said he would do all those wonderful things for seniors.

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Seniors Take LRT Fight To Wynne (2)

This is a letter to The Bulldog and which is also being forwarded to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne:

Dear Mr. Gray,

I have been reading the Bulldog since you wrote the article about the comments made by Joanne Chianello and I hope that you will be able to assist the 130 seniors, who make Unitarian House their home, with our request to City Officials to revisit the current route of the Western LRT. 

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A Terrible Way To Live The Final Years (3)

This is a second letter on the effect LRT will have on Unitarian House that was sent to The Bulldog and forwarded to Premier Kathleen Wynne:

LRT Presentation, Open House, March 30, 2015 – Speech by Elizabeth Bowen, President of the Resident Association

Good Evening.   My name is Elizabeth Bowen and I represent the 130 seniors who have made Unitarian House their home. We range in age from 70 to 105 years.

Unitarian House is a seniors’ residence situated on lands leased from the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa. There is no restriction on who may apply for residence.

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