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Heavy Rail Would End Long Wait For Kanata LRT

Perhaps Marianne Wilkinson is correct.

If the City of Ottawa can’t bring light rail to Kanata by 2031, maybe the tall foreheads on Laurier Avenue (who are never wrong … unless they are caught … and even then, sometimes still not wrong) should consider using the heavy-rail lines that run from Kanata for transit, the Kanata North councillor says.

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Muirhead: No Bobblehead Please

election endorsementCandidate and businessman Jeff Seeton in Kanata North is a long-time resident with deep roots in the
community and one of its community associations.



The Bulldog likes to see community association background in councillors because it is rather thankless work that introduces them to the same kinds of issues they will face on Laurier Avenue.

Seeton’s financial view at Ottawa City Hall is a tad simple. He puts emphasis on freezing councillor and senior management salaries which in a $2.5-billion corporation is peanuts. But it can be used as a vote-getter. He also wants to find new sources of revenue from the federal and provincial governments while Queen’s Park is already uploading fields of jurisdiction from the city.

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Ottawa Has Four Perfect Councillors: Bulldog Poll



We have four perfect councillors in Ottawa.

Yes according to the growing readership of Bulldog Ottawa, Eli El-Chantiry, Scott Moffatt, Shad Qadri and Marianne Wilkinson were without a blemish in last week’s Bulldog poll of the least effective councillors. Damn straight, you four.

At various times of the week, the percentages showing in the poll revealed other perfect councillors but that was only because their vote tally came in at less than a percentage point in the well-received survey.

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Agreement Reached On Kanata Woodland

This is a press release:

The Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association, Morley-Hoppner, and Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, City of Ottawa have signed an agreement to protect and enhance forest resources on Teron Road in Kanata.

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Egli And Light Rail: The Whole City Is Watching



Mayor Jim Watson’s move to oust Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson from the transportation committee chair was an outstanding decision.

Wilkinson lost the faith of many Ottawa residents when she prejudged the outcome of the deliberations leading to the construction of western light rail. Wilkinson, inappropriately, told opponents of a Byron line that if the Macdonald Parkway route fell through (and it already has), light rail was being railroaded down the old tramway line.

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What’s Going On With Light Rail?

Hmmm. First transportation chairwoman Marianne Wilkinson moves along. Her committee is responsible for light rail.

Now John Jensen who runs the light-rail implementation office goes to Toronto.

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Wilkinson On Her New Role: Whopper Watch

Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson on her departure from the powerful transportation committee chairwoman’s post:

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Wilkinson’s Loose Words Sealed Her Fate



So what happened to Marianne Wilkinson?

Well as we all know now, she’s been dispatched from being chairwoman of the transportation committee. Why was that?

It goes back, I believe, to an incident last year that showed that Wilkinson was not Mayor Jim Watson’s kind of politician. And Wilkinson was in a job where a politician was needed, not someone as brusque as the councillor from Kanata North.

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Wilkinson ‘Considers’ Move From Transportation Post: Internal Memo

This is a City of Ottawa internal document obtained by Bulldog Ottawa:

From: Watson, Jim (Mayor/Maire)

Sent: January 29, 2013 6:26 PM

To: ‘=City Council’

Cc: + Management – Executives; =Mayor’s Office

Subject: Mid-Term Governance Review / Examen de mi-mandat sur la gouvernance

Importance: High


As Council undertakes its Mid-Term Governance Review, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Members of Council for all of their input to the Clerk’s Office. I also want to thank those who are proposed to take on new challenges as Committee Chairs, Vice-Chairs or with other local bodies.

While these proposed changes must still secure Committee and Council approval, I would like to especially thank Marianne Wilkinson for her leadership as Chair of the Transportation Committee through our first two years. With my support, Marianne has agreed to consider serving as the Chair of Ottawa Community Housing for the remainder of our mandate.

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Eugene Melnyk Is Right

On the other dawgs Monday.

On Bulldog Canadian, we think Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is right in saying the NHL should be playing hockey.

On Bulldog Business, we wonder how it is possible to design a Transitway on March Road without grade separations and billions of dollars such as on Carling Avenue. Just wondering, Marianne Wilkinson.

Enjoy the poochs.

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