What! Baseball Again

Good news comes out of a loss for the Jays in Kansas City.

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Somewhere A Fat Lady Is Singing

Some of those things Yogi Berra said in his own unique way.

I hope Bulldog readers will excuse me dabbling into the realm of baseball this morning (it’s an obsession) but the world was saddened by the death of baseball manager, catcher and linguist Yogi Berra.

Berra combined two of my great loves … baseball and the English language. I’ve collected a few errors in both. I love stories and great quotes so I was a pushover for Yogi. I wish I’d said half the things he said. I wish I were a quarter the baseball player he was.

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Baseball Money Moves To Arts Court



It’s well known that the money earmarked for Double-A baseball was moved to Arts Court when city staff and Mayor Jim Watson canned a Blue Jay affiliation.

So now we have independent ball … the lowest level of minor league baseball. It’s not drawing well. In contrast, imagine how excited Ottawans would be with a Blue Jay affiliate now that the Jays are contenders.

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The Most Terrifying Ballpark Snacks

Baseball fans of the world … summer has officially arrived.

Well kinda. The weather might not be cooperating but there is something more reliable than warm weather in July and that’s the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. And that’s today.

To celebrate opening day, The Atlantic’s CityLab brings you seven of the most terrifying snack foods available at U.S. baseball parks.

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Watson Misses Another Baseball Deadline



If Mayor Jim Watson were choosing up sides for a pick-up ballgame at Pinecrest, they’d throw out the first pitch in 2017.

His Worship wanted the baseball file and lifted it from a number of engaged councillors who were making considerable progress on bringing Double-A Eastern League baseball to the city.

On Saturday, Bulldog Ottawa reported the Eastern League saying there was not enough time to prepare an Ottawa franchise for the 2014 season. This is the second time Watson has missed an EL deadline for Double-A ball — the first being for 2013.

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No Double-A Baseball For Ottawa In 2014

The window of opportunity for having Eastern League baseball in Ottawa has closed for 2014, league president Joe McEacharn said Saturday.

McEacharn said talks in which he participated on Thursday and Friday in Toronto and Ottawa were “positive and constructive” but no deal was forged between the parties that would make baseball be ready for the 2014 season.

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Money Shortfall Spurs Ottawa Baseball Talks

The cost of renovating Ottawa Stadium has risen markedly and is at the crux of the difficulty surrounding bringing Eastern League baseball to Ottawa in 2014, Bulldog Ottawa has learned.

Meetings in Toronto and Ottawa today and Friday have come about because negotiations have reached a critical point, baseball insiders say.

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Baseball Firm Interested In Ottawa Franchise For Sale


The City of Ottawa has been ready to renovate Ottawa Stadium but landing a Double-A franchise has been problematic.

One of the two companies interested in moving an Eastern League franchise to Ottawa has been put up for sale, according to a story in a major U.S. sports publication.

Baseballdigest.com is reporting that Mandalay Sports Entertainment is on the block. Mandalay and Professional Sports Catering are two names that were reported interested in bringing Double-A baseball to the city and helping renovate Ottawa Stadium on Coventry Road to minor-league standards.

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Up To Eight Groups Interested In Ottawa Baseball Franchise

Ottawa Stadium and the Lynx when the city had a Triple-A baseball team.

Boston sports firm Beacon Sports is exploring interest from eight entities across the United States and Canada interested in bringing Double-A baseball to Ottawa.

Half of those organizations are in Ottawa or Toronto, said Richard Billings, managing director of Beacon.

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Ottawa Baseball: It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

A pre-game crowd for the Ottawa Lynx: The bid to bring baseball to Ottawa is far from over.

Is the proposal for an Ottawa Class-AA Eastern League baseball team dead? No, not by a long shot.

Has it had a hiccup? Yes it has, perhaps a significant one. However, reports that bringing an Eastern League club to Ottawa have failed are untrue, I’ve been told by a person close to the negotiations. In fact, the Eastern League is still helping with the negotiations. And those dealings are continuing as both my sources and the City of Ottawa have said.

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Ottawa Baseball Agreement Delayed: Internal City Document

This is a city internal document obtained by Bulldog Ottawa. This is the document that was expected to be released today as explained in the Bulldog post Tuesday night:

Dear Council colleague,

I am writing to update you on the progress being made in our efforts to bring professional baseball back to Ottawa.

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The Trouble With Ottawa Baseball

This is the last out of the old Ottawa Lynx at the stadium on Coventry Road.

I’ve been beating the bushes lately trying to discover who is the local owner of the new Class AA Eastern League team scheduled to start in 2014.

It’s harder getting information on this than pulling Prince Fielder’s molars. Still there’s something troubling about all this.

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Now Is The Time For Ottawa Baseball

The Toronto Blue Jays had a lousy season but increased attendance.

Why would you want to start a baseball team in Ottawa?

Many people are asking that as negotiations with a group of principle owners for an Ottawa Double-A Eastern League team continue.

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Ottawa Baseball Stadium Gets A New Roof

Construction workers were all over the roof of Ottawa Stadium Monday on Coventry Road. Here is the city’s emailed response to Bulldog Ottawa’s inquiry concerning this:

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Strike One On Ottawa Baseball Owner

Strike one person from the list of possible Double-A baseball owners in Ottawa.

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The Owners Of Ottawa Double-A Baseball

Now that unconfirmed reports are out there that Ryan-Sanders Entertainment Company is believed to be interested in being a minority owner of an Ottawa Double-A franchise, let’s talk about the principal owner.

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