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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


Your fastest, most complete Ottawa-area news summary is here at Full Local.


Full Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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Bulldog Canadian And Coffee

The great Ron Benn weighs in on the new Bulldog Canadian.

Ron I don’t know how to fix the problem you talk about, but I’ll try.

To read Bulldog Canadian, click here. This is Ron’s email:

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Chianello On LRT: Whopper Watch

light railCitizen scribe Joanne Chianello weighed in on the troubled Ottawa light-rail project in a disjointed column on Saturday.

Here is one of the worst parts of the piece:

“But the light-rail system doesn’t just need money — it needs support from us, and a willingness to compromise. Few transit systems are perfect, and our LRT won’t be either, whether it’s a station that should have been here rather than there, or trees saved along the parkway versus trees on the Byron linear park. It will not be possible to please everyone.”

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Four New Big Bulldog Features Roll Out

bulldogWhile the rest of you were enjoying your holiday season, we elves at The Bulldog have been working on building a better Bulldog.

That means four new features for the new year.

First on the serious side, there’s The News. If you look up to the right, you’ll see a rolling scroll that has the latest news from Ottawa, Canada and the world. It’s up to the minute in real time so get your top news first on The Bulldog.

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Happy Holidays

xmasbulldogYour friendly neighbourhood Bulldog hasn’t had a holiday in far too long.

So it’s time for a break. The Bulldog will be back with some new features and its old bite on Jan. 5.

And for those of you who can’t go a day without your daily Bulldog fix, we invite you to read Full Local, Full Canadian, and Politics and Gossip. These features are updated every 30 minutes with the best news and opinion from some of Ottawa’s, Canada’s and the world’s best sources.

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Cullen Needed On Council

election endorsementOne of the great disappointments of Mayor Jim Watson’s term in office has been the lack of debate at Ottawa City Council.



That is where the community meets to discuss important issues that affect the lives of Ottawans. Now council has been called The Bobbleheads or the Stepford Council because it acts as a rubber stamp for the standing committees. It is a shame.

Another problem is the lack of critical thought on council. Too many problems are getting by this council.

A solution exists for this: Alex Cullen.

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Independent Bulldog Turns Two Today

bulldogMany thank you’s to the great readership and commenters on The Bulldog.

Your support has kept The Bulldog healthy as this news site celebrates its second birthday as an independent entity. Freedom of speech is alive and well here.

On Sept. 17, 2012 at 6 a.m., The Bulldog was first published as an independent entity.

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The Bulldog Returns Aug. 12

The Bulldog will return on Tuesday, August 12.

But to continue to be informed on municipal and national events, The Bulldog suggests you use the following news feeds on this site. They are constantly updated so you receive the latest in good information and current affairs.

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131 Seniors Fall Through City Cracks: Reader

This is an email from Bulldog reader Earle Rheaume:


Even after City Council approved and staff implemented policy changes in 2011, 131 low income seniors fell through the cracks and continue to be without appropriate services and benefits.

City solicitor/clerk Rick O’Connor gave this explanation.

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Plasma Hot-Air Gasification

ottawa city hallEntrepreneur Rod Bryden’s departure from Plasco has fueled speculation surrounding the company and its waste deal with the City of Ottawa.

Here’s an interesting take from Ottawa Magazine on the difficulties surrounding the City of Ottawa’s dealings with Plasco.

Board chairman Rod Bryden left the company last week to add to speculation surrounding the firm. Its current extension from city council for raising financing is Dec. 31, 2014, conveniently after the election in case something might go wrong and make the current council and Mayor Jim Watson look bad:

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Mills A Class Act

Frequent Bulldog commenter Randy Gordon is back with his opinion on the Russell Mills-Jim Watson spat:


Good for Russell Mills to quickly rebuke the arrogance of Jim Watson’s attempt to basically get rid of the NCC.

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One More City Mistake

Here’s a Facebook reader’s take on the events surrounding Plasco and Rod Bryden leaving the company:

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Keep Up The Good Barriers, NCC

This is a message Bulldog Ottawa reader Bruce Webster sent to the NCC in response to Mayor Jim Watson’s letters to the NCC and the PMO:

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