Melnyk Better Than Ottawa Deserves



Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk was released from hospital on Wednesday and is on the mend.

Congratulations to Melnyk, his liver transplant donor (who is doing well) and to his medical team.

Melnyk is an important part of this community. He and the Senators organization are not just a vital business and a publicity machine for the city, but a big part of the charitable scene of Ottawa.

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Melnyk Issue: Every Life Is Precious



Your agent doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about the resources of people who are dying.

We just want people to live.

So yes, Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk used facilities that others don’t have to get a liver donor … the publicity machine of his hockey club. The point is, his life was on the line. What is the alternative? Watch him slowly die? Not acceptable.

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Melnyk Issue Debated On Facebook

A Facebook friend takes on the issue of Senators owner Eugene Melnyk’s liver transplant:

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The Ethics Of The Melnyk Illness



I think we’re all glad that there is hope for Ottawa Senators’ owner Eugene Melnyk in his fight for life due to liver problems.

But ethical issues surround this case.

One of them is discussed by Robert Roberts, a frequent Bulldog contributor, in an email to me:

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Watson, Chiarelli Make New York Times


Must be a slow news day in New York.

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere …

It’s Hockey Night in Manhattan with two of our favourite politicians Mayor Jim Watson and College Councillor Rick Chiarelli starring in a New York Times article on hockey madness in Canada.

Apparently Watson is so enthralled by his place in the Times that he is thinking of running for office in Gotham in 2017.

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Watson’s Fiscal Disaster



Fortunately there are people with the Senators who are expert at running a NHL franchise. You won’t find them at Ottawa City Hall.

All the city has done is deny Sens owner Eugene Melnyk help in getting a MLS franchise and not even letting the Sens bid on a casino.

City politicians are very quick to cash in on the popularity of a winning team but are loathe to help the Senators turn a reasonable profit. It’s hypocrisy of the highest order with their bets of Beaver Tails versus smoked meat.

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Welcome To Sens Foot



Mayor Jim Watson finally got to open Sens Mile on the weekend courtesy of the hard work and talent of the Ottawa Senators.

Watson’s always there for good news on the Sens. Never hurts to hitch your political wagon to something that’s a local winner. Funny, you never see him when the Sens miss the playoffs.

And the the irony of the mayor supporting the Sens is not lost on not-very-acute observers of local politics. Was it not Watson who wouldn’t let Sens owner Eugene Melnyk even bid on an OLG casino that would have helped the money-losing team survive over time? Ah how quickly Watson’s memory is short when it is opportune for him. To be sure, he is nothing but an opportunist when it comes to politics.

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Watson, Sens Plugs Get Embarrassing

OK, OK, this is enough. First opening Sens Mile, now this.

The way Mayor Jim Watson is trying to cash in on the Senators’ popularity is getting embarrassing. If Watson plays a regular defence shift for the Sens, then The Bulldog will give him credit for their success. Frankly, his skating is not good enough.

Remember Your Worship, it’s not all about you. This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

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Mayor’s Sens Plugs Get MORE Embarrassing

Mayor Jim Watson using the Sens success for his political purposes is getting even MORE embarrassing.

Watson wants people to tweet him to show their Sens support. Not the Sens … just the mayor. Does the man have no shame?

First the Sens Mile, then raising the Sens flag, then tweeting the mayor to show support for the Sens … or is it support for the mayor?

The mayor’s Sens tweet is below:

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Mayor’s Sens Plugs Get EVEN MORE Embarrassing

Mayor Jim Watson’s use of the Senators for his publicity is just incredible.

First the Sens Mile, then the Sens flag-raising, then the tweet asking Sens fans to show their support of the team by tweeting the mayor and now the Sens bet with Montreal, .

In answer to the rhetorical question The Bulldog asked earlier, “Does the man have no shame?” the answer is obvious. Good ole Jim.

This is a release from the Office of Mayor Jim Watson:

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Sens Mile Opens Sunday

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Ottawa – Mayor Watson and members of Council will officially open Sens Mile and unveil the new street signs to be used this year.

What: Sens Mile


Where: The southwest corner of Lisgar St. and Elgin St.

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City Drops Early Sens Mile Plan

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

As this was a ceremonial, goodwill motion, the city has decided to abide by the Senators’ request and delay the implementation of Council’s motion, with the concurrence of the Mayor and the mover and seconder of the motion.

This approach is being taken as a respectful, timely and cost-effective response to the Senators request. Should there be any procedural questions arising from this delay, these would be addressed at the Council meeting on April 15, 2015.

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Team Says No To Early Sens Mile

go sens goThis is a release from the Ottawa Senators:

Dear Councillor,

Ottawa Senators President Cyril Leeder has reached out to Mayor Jim Watson and to Councillor Rick Chiarelli, thanking Ottawa City Council for its support for the team’s strong push to post-season play but asking that implementation of the Red Mile be deferred until after the Sens clinch a playoff spot – a tradition the Senators would like to maintain.

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Hamburglar For Mayor

With Sens goalie Andrew Hammond’ work ethic, he’s a perfect candidate for mayor.

The Hamburglar for mayor.

Now the skeptical among us might say that Andrew Hammond, the Ottawa Senators goaltender who came out of nowhere to take the local boys within a whisper of the playoffs, doesn’t know anything about city hall.

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