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Clean Up The Planning Department

Great Bulldog commenter Ron Benn sent along this note in relation to the post, City Hall Has Gone Native.

The underlying problem within the city’s planning department is quite troubling: the complaint by the developers is that they get conflicting requirements from within the planning department.

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Metro Takes On City Hall

metroSteve Collins has written a thoughtful article in Metro on the lack of a free flow of information at Ottawa City Hall … a long-standing problem.

It is refreshing to see this kind of work in Metro which often was a very successful summary of news but not a deep source of the day’s events. Metro appears to be becoming more serious and given the diminution of journalism over the past three or four years, this is very welcome.

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The developer concierge plan “puts communities on notice that the city has now tilted the planning process entirely in favour of developers.”

– Neil Thompson, Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association

We now have an opportunity to see exactly where power resides at Ottawa City Hall.

It’s transparent that the community doesn’t like giving extra influence to the development industry at city hall.

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“I don’t know what problem this solves.”

– President Michael Powell of the Dalhousie Community Association on the city planning to appoint concierges for the development industry

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“The communities have ambassadors and they’re called councillors.”


– Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder on the new concierges who will serve developers and speed their applications through Ottawa City Hall.

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Swag: Get Serious Or Go Home

ottawa logoYour agent really doesn’t give a sweet, flying damn about how much councillors paid for swag. Apparently the total is around $200,000.

Swag, by the way, are those little trinkets that are given to residents and the like with the councillor’s name on them. Publicity, you know.

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Was O’Brien A Better Mayor Than Watson? Vote

bulldog pollNow that Phillip Slayton, author of Mayors Gone Bad, appears to be redefining our opinion of past urban leaders, perhaps it’s time to look again at the four years of former mayor Larry O’Brien in comparison to current mayor Jim Watson.

Take a second or two to vote in this Bulldog Poll on who was the better mayor … O’Brien or Watson?

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The City Of Ottawa Gone Rogue

Just as an aside.

Are you as tired as your agent about decisions made at Ottawa City Hall between bureaucratic mandarins, politicians and special interest groups where the public’s view is not even remotely considered?

It is the same old tired story from issue to issue.

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“This is the people’s place. The politicians are just temporary tenants.”

– The Citizen’s Matthew Pearson quoting Mayor Jim Watson


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Welcome Aboard, Joanne Chianello



The Bulldog is intimately familiar with Mayor Jim Watson’s unease with free-flowing debate.

Witness the blacklisting of this new publication.

But Joanne Chianello?

The Citizen columnist is perceived as being Watson’s biggest cheerleader.  But not in her Saturday column. Nice change.

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Watson, Sens Plugs Get Embarrassing

OK, OK, this is enough. First opening Sens Mile, now this.

The way Mayor Jim Watson is trying to cash in on the Senators’ popularity is getting embarrassing. If Watson plays a regular defence shift for the Sens, then The Bulldog will give him credit for their success. Frankly, his skating is not good enough.

Remember Your Worship, it’s not all about you. This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

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The Bulldog’s 10 Worst Ottawa Things

ottawa city hallOttawa City Hall: We could use less spin and better government.


After Tuesday’s best Ottawa things must come the worst:

1. Apathy: If you only care about municipal affairs when it affects your property … well that is not enough. Sometimes only a third of eligible voters can be bothered to go to the polls. City staff and its politicians get away with a lot of odd decisions because they know the public really doesn’t care and that it won’t have any effect at the polling booth. Accordingly city staff in particular has taken to the practice of just going through the motions when it consults with the public. And why not? The public doesn’t care. And if you don’t care, you get what you deserve.

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Dawg Packer Concurs With City PR Post

Bulldog reader Blake Batson concurs with a recent post on playing politics with city press releases.

To read the post to which Batson refers, click here.

Batsons response is below:

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Public, Private Double Standard

Avid Bulldog reader Bruce Webster weighed in with this comment by email:


On this news site you have summarized my comments made through the Dawg most eloquently and clearly.

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