Developers Change Their Winning Game


Has the development industry over-played its hand in Ottawa?

The development industry and its friends on Ottawa City Council must not have played much tennis.

Had they, they would know the old tennis adage: Never change a winning game.

What do you want to do when you play tennis? Win (or if you are not competitive, at least get some exercise).

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Clean Up The Planning Department

Great Bulldog commenter Ron Benn sent along this note in relation to the post, City Hall Has Gone Native.

The underlying problem within the city’s planning department is quite troubling: the complaint by the developers is that they get conflicting requirements from within the planning department.

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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


Your fastest, most complete Ottawa-area news summary is here at Full Local.


Full Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

YOUR COMMENTSNow you have a voice.anger

Here are the latest comments on The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian.

Let your opinions be heard. You can write your comments on the end of the appropriate post or use the comment box below. One way or the other, they’ll appear here within 30 minutes of being moderated.

The Bulldog believes in freedom of speech. Exercise it here. The latest comments to The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian are below:

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Heat Warning Issued

This is a release from Ottawa Public Health:

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has issued a heat warning for Ottawa effective July 27 until further notice.

A heat warning is issued when the Environment Canada temperature forecast is expected to exceed 31°C during the daytime and the night time temperature is not cooler than 20°C or the humidex is expected to exceed 40°C for two consecutive days.

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City Hall Has Gone Native


An active public negates the power of special interest groups … especially the development industry.

The biggest problem with the concierge program at Ottawa City Hall is that staff, council and most certainly the mayor have gone native.

That’s an expression used during the heady days of empire when one of yours began to exhibit the traits of the locals in some far-flung post. In journalism, it’s a term that means that the reporter identifies more with his or her sources rather than reporting the truth or ignoring stories because they would embarrass some friends on a beat.

No, it has nothing to do with Canadian indigenous people.

And that’s what has happened at Ottawa City Hall.

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Tory LRT Money Smacks Of Desperation

The City of Ottawa conducts one of its Phase 2 light-rail meetings.

Today we will look inside the Conservative mind. God help us all.

It’s like reading a lifetime of Randy Denley columns. Pass the Prozac.

It goes something like this. Tories build highways because their well-heeled constituents drive cars.

White-wine-and-wicker Grits and raving mad communist Dippers build light rail because sandal-wearing people believe in mass transit. You know, transit for the masses.

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Royal Galipeau’s Major LRT Whopper


“I never make election promises. And there’s no election going on right now … if we waited until Oct. 20th, that would not have been helpful. If we’d waited until Sept. 15, that would have seemed crass.”

Orleans Conservative MP Royal Galipeau on the federal government promising $1 billion to Ottawa’s Phase 2 light-rail plan

Come on, Royal. What cabbage leaf did you think we were born under?

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Teflon Jim Dodges Uber Issue



Yet another item from when The Bulldog wasn’t publishing earlier this month but worth noting nevertheless.

Mayor Jim Watson, one of the most successful retail politicians in the area, shows the kind of strategy he uses to avoid controversy and debate (two things he doesn’t enjoy).

“I think there’s a level of frustration on the part of the taxi drivers and the taxi union that the Uber drivers are, in essence, in breach of our own bylaw and they’re admitting that themselves because each case that’s come before court they have pleaded guilty,” Watson said.

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Revenge Of Ottawa’s Suburban Nerds


Welcome to Jan Harder’s new Ottawa.

If you catch councillors Rick Chiarelli or Jan Harder on the right day, they will go on and on about how wonderful Nepean was.

In fact, Chiarelli was out campaigning to stop amalgamation that would end Nepean and other lower-tier municipalities. He lost.

However what really happened was not that municipalities were amalgamated into Ottawa. Ottawa was amalgamated into the suburbs.

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Watson’s Well-Whipped Air



On July 8 when The Bulldog was on a short vacation, this nose-stretcher of a press release spouted forth from Mayor Jim Watson’s office.

Your agent pities the poor sap who has to write this stuff because with the things that must be said in it, it’s a soul-destroying undertaking.

A lot of whipped air here. High in PR, low on results. But that’s the Watson way.

Watson’s release is in itallics. My comments are in bold. Read on:

Ottawa City Council approved its priorities for the 2014-2018 term, several of which fulfill election commitments made by Mayor Jim Watson.

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O-Train Service Interrupted

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

O-Train Trillium Line service will be temporarily replaced by Route 107 bus service on the following three Sundays this summer for regular maintenance work:

Sunday, July 26

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Local Journalism Starts To Disappear

When will the printing presses stop?

When will the printing presses stop?

With the demise of traditional journalism, print and broadcast, local coverage increasingly suffers.

Beyond The Bulldog, how much discussion and comment on local affairs occurs on old media? The Sun has Susan Sherring, the Citizen has no city hall columnist at present, Metro has a bit of comment and that’s about it. In broadcast, it’s News1310, CBC Radio occasionally and my old friend Rob Snow must be taking a swing at city hall now and then on CFRA.

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Council Bobble Heads On LRT



While your agent was off on holidays last week, our friends on Ottawa City Council unanimously approved the $3-billion colossal screw-up that is Phase 2 of the light rail project.

While no doubt Mayor Jim Watson had the whip out for the vote (as though one were needed), wasn’t there one councillor prepared to stand up to say this is a terrible project?

Maybe councillors felt they had to vote for it unanimously to secure funding from the other two levels of government.

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