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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First

FULL LOCALFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local. And because we have a lot of urbanism geeks on this site, the feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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BULLDOG AUTO: Satisfy Your Car Lust

bulldog autoBulldog Auto provides you with a constant stream of content from the best motoring websites in the world.

And best of all, it updates every 30 minutes so you get the latest and finest automotive news available from outstanding sources.

Some of the finest automotive journalism is below:

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Wilson? Yes it’s the name of the new style for The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian.

The name was chosen by Swedish designer Anders Noren who created the style and it emphasizes simplicity, clean lines and a focus on content. You’ll find the Bulldogs much easier to read.

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Nussbaum’s Stock Rises

The great Sheridan takes on the issue of conflict of interest in reference to the post Declare A Conflict of Interest:

This is very frustrating, especially the damage it will do to the already jaded youth vote.

David Miller (former Toronto mayor who voted in this type of legislation) said it best: “When you allow corporate donations, what you are allowing is someone who is better off and who controls a significant resource to have far more impact on who gets elected.”

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“Ottawans have never elected a mayor as bad as Watson when it comes to transparency, consultation with the public and debate at city council.”

- Bulldog commenter Sheridan


Council Does Its National Rifle Association

Charleton Heston’s famous “cold dead hands” speech to the National Rifle Association.

You’re not going to get much of an argument here on this one.

One of the most effective lobby groups in the United States is the National Rifle Association.

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Watson Should Tackle Conflict Of Interest



Certainly Mayor Jim Watson doesn’t want to be accused of conflict of interest.

Watson has been a major proponent of ethical government, enacting much legislation on the issue.

But an area of his penchant for ethics has escaped his acute sense of right and wrong.

And that’s conflict of interest. We’re sure the mayor does not want to be accused of conflict of interest because he might vote on an issue that affects one of his campaign contributors. Because that would raise some serious ethical questions for himself and his councillors.

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ATU Membership Rejects City Contract Pact

This is an internal City of Ottawa document obtained by The Bulldog:

I am writing to provide an update on the tentative agreement reached between the City and ATU 279 bargaining teams for a renewal of their collective agreement. The President of ATU 279 has advised that the membership has rejected the tentative agreement, following a voting process that was completed earlier this evening.

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Declare A Conflict Of Interest

The motion at Ottawa City Councillor Wednesday to ask for jurisdiction from the province to deal with corporate and union donations lost 19-5. Not even close.

Councillors increasingly talk of getting more participation in municipal elections and then cynically defeat a move that would lead to limiting the ability of corporations and unions to have undue influence over the electoral process.

Corporations and unions don’t vote. People do.

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Influence Peddling At City Hall

This from Facebook on the failure of Ottawa City Council to ask the province for jurisdiction to deal with municipal corporate and union campaign contributions:

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Why O’Brien Reads The Bulldog: Top 10 List



Ah we missed former Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien here at The Bulldog.

You know, his nasty comments, his factual errors, his temper, his accusations.

Gee you wonder why he had trouble getting along with council. O’Brien is so team-oriented, so cooperative. Up with people, Larry O’Brien. Welcome back from Florida.

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Ottawa Gets More Street-Food Vendors

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Beginning in May, Ottawa will welcome some new food options to the city’s streets.

Five new vendors – four trucks and one cart – will join the existing roster of more than 50 street food vendors on Ottawa’s street this spring.

A total of 28 vendors applied in December for nine spaces available in 2015. An impartial volunteer selection panel evaluated proposals based on criteria to encourage innovation and diversity in menu offerings as well as business plans, levels of vendor experience and overall contributions to Ottawa’s food scene.

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Susan Jones New Acting Deputy City Manager

This is a City of Ottawa internal document:

Date: 10 April 2015

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise Members of Council that Susan Jones has been appointed as the Acting Deputy City Manager of City Operations, effective April 24, 2015.

I also wish to advise Members of Council that concurrent with this appointment, Transit Services will no longer fall within the City Operations portfolio. John Manconi, General Manager of Transit Services will report directly to me.

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Sens Mile Opens Sunday

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Ottawa – Mayor Watson and members of Council will officially open Sens Mile and unveil the new street signs to be used this year.

What: Sens Mile


Where: The southwest corner of Lisgar St. and Elgin St.

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The Bulldog’s 10 Best Ottawa Things

rideau canal

The multi-purpose Rideau Canal … the soul of Ottawa.

Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume has devoted a series of articles to the 10 things he dislikes about Toronto.

So we here at The Bulldog were so appalled by Hume’s negativity that we decided to hold off on the 10 bad things about Ottawa … until Wednesday.

Today we are all sweetness and light and will discuss our 10 favourite things about Ottawa:

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