Shad Qadri: What Are You Doing About This?



A few more emails like this one and a few less like the ones from KD and The Bulldog’s attitude would improve markedly.

A couple of emails like this from His Worship and he’d be in a lot less trouble.

Take this to heart Jim Watson:


I love your blog. I only recently found it after listening to you on the radio for a long time. Dave Lee (Ward 6 candidate) got me hooked.

Here in Stittsville, we are trying to figure out how to get things accomplished with our councillor who only has interest in being the mayor’s lap dog. I thought you might be able to help.

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Lee’s The One In Stittsville

election endorsementLocal businessman Dave Lee jumped into the Stittsville fight at the last second because incumbent Shad Qadri



was on the cusp of being acclaimed.

Lee was hoping someone else would step up to the plate to take on two-time winner Qadri but in the end Lee had to make the move.

Lee has been called a one-issue candidate but it is an important question and the candidate says it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to waste at Ottawa City Hall. Of course it’s the Orgaworld contract that calls for the city to pay for processing 80,000 tonnes of organics a year though that figure has never been close to being reached by the city.

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Walton Newsletter Reveals Mammoth Ottawa Plans (1)

The February 2013 newsletter on waltoninternational.com outlines in detail its gigantic plans for southwest Ottawa.

The story of the broad outlines for the plans was broken in Bulldog Ottawa last week.

If these plans come to fruition, the development will be one of the largest in Ottawa history and will create a new city.

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Walton ‘Participating’ In 2014 Official Plan (2)

City officials have been playing down or denying they know anything about the gigantic Walton International proposed development in southwest Ottawa.

In fact, Walton in its February 2013 newsletter says differently:

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Walton Plans, Charts Available (3)

Walton International has laid out in some detail its plans for its huge proposed southwest Ottawa proposal … one of the largest in the city’s history.

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Moffatt Backed On Heritage, Environment Stand

Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt is gaining traction for his principled stand defending the rural nature of his community.

That support is coming in the face of a proposed huge development in the southwest part of Ottawa.

Now if we could just get politicians in old parts of the city defending heritage, maybe we could build a unique city.

This is not the first tweet or comment in defence of his stand.

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Moffatt Takes Tough Stand Against Huge Development



Rideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt has a straight-forward message to developers who would use some of the best agricultural land in Ontario for suburban development.


A consortium of developers propose building a new city, complete with town centre, in an enormous parcel of land stretching from the Manotick area to West Carleton and Kanata.

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Thank You, Ottawa

On Tuesday, Bulldog Ottawa had its biggest readership day ever, powered by the breaking story on the proposal to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on an enormous residential and commercial project that would stretch from the Manotick area all the way to West Carleton.

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