Last Week’s Snowstorm From Outer Space: Video

Here’s a unique view of last week’s snowstorm that hit us pretty hard in Ottawa, this from outer space. An interesting video of a satellite winter blast, courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory:

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Ottawa’s Stormy Creep And Crawl Commute: Photos

Here is a look at the snarled traffic on Monday evening on Highway 417:

Hwy. 417 and Parkdale Ave.

Hwy. 417 and Parkdale Ave.

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Sandy: It’s Over

The U.S. National Weather Service’s very useful map in The New York Times has declared there is no chance of high winds associated with the storm Sanday in eastern Ontario including Kingston, Ont., where it once predicted a 100-per-cent chance.

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Sandy: Welcome To The New Climate Abnormal Ottawa

The pier at Atlantic City. Climate experts have been predicting much more severe weather.

The events we’ve seen take place with superstorm Sandy in New York have not been unexpected by climatologists.

In a recent interview with the Bulldogs, Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips predicted difficulties with climate change in low coastal areas including New York. Sea levels are rising due to polar ice cap melting resulting from climate change. Meanwhile that same climate change is causing more severe weather.

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Kingston Has 31% Chance Of Tropical Storm Winds, Ottawa 12%

The U.S. National Weather Service reported at 7 p.m. Monday that Ottawa has a 12-per-cent chance of tropical-storm force winds over the next five days resulting from the Sandy disturbance.

Meanwhile Kingston has 31-per-cent chance while Syracuse, N.Y., has 52-per-cent chance. Smiths Falls has a 15-per-cent chance.

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Gusting Ottawa Winds Forecast Late Tonight

Environment Canada is forecasting wind gusts of up to 80 km/h late this evening for Ottawa-Gatineau.

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Sandy Changes Course: Follow The Track Of The Superstorm

Tracking the path of the storm Sandy appears to be a moving target.

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