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What! Baseball Again

Good news comes out of a loss for the Jays in Kansas City.

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Commenter Needs Baseball Reality Check



Here’s a question-and-answer between some guy who calls himself Reality Check (whoever that is) and yours truly

Mr. Reality is referring to the post, Champions Have Bad Money Weekend. To read the post, click here:


I really don’t get your hate on for this team, nor your insistence on perpetuating misinformation to support your irrational attacks.

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The Most Terrifying Ballpark Snacks

Baseball fans of the world … summer has officially arrived.

Well kinda. The weather might not be cooperating but there is something more reliable than warm weather in July and that’s the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. And that’s today.

To celebrate opening day, The Atlantic’s CityLab brings you seven of the most terrifying snack foods available at U.S. baseball parks.

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Jim Watson’s Baseball Top 10 List



Here are the Top 10 things Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said about his rather botched baseball file.

No word on what he said about the casino or bridge files. His Worship speaks below:

1. Just like our new Can-Am League baseball team, our Ottawa needs a good quarterback in the upcoming election and I’m that quarterback.

2. In the words of baseball great Rocket Richard, let’s get one for the Gipper.

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Why Is City Denying Councillor Baseball Bid?



OK, so Bulldog Ottawa called last week to see the Mandalay Baseball bid submitted to the City of Ottawa to lease Ottawa Stadium for a Double-A Eastern League franchise.

So too did another city media organization and it was told no by city staff. That organization did better than Bulldog Ottawa. City communications has yet to return a phone call on Bulldog Ottawa’s request. Why all the secrecy and why the bad manners in not returning a phone call?

But it is one thing to deny information to the media, it is another to refuse to show the bid to a councillor who is voting on accepting a lease to put a Can-Am League team at Ottawa Stadium.

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Get Out Of Dodge, Baseball Fans

Here’s what Mayor Jim Watson and his city staff are implicitly telling people in Ottawa who are even remotely interested in baseball:

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A Swing And A Miss On Baseball

This is what baseball once looked like in Ottawa.


The Eastern League of Double-A baseball is the luckiest league in the world.

Why? Because it’s not doing business with the City of Ottawa.

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And Where Is The Baseball Parking?

The Ottawa Lynx failed because they didn’t have enough parking when most of their customers travelled to the game by Highway 417 next door.

If you have a stadium like the Ottawa example beside the busiest highway in eastern Ontario, it’s not a bad idea to have sufficient parking.

The $2.1-billion light-rail train to nowhere might help get some fans to park when it is completed in 2018 or three years after Can-Am baseball starts (if the team is still viable). After a few transfers, fans will be able to get to the park.

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Double-A Baseball Chances Near Deadline

The chance of Minor League Baseball in Ottawa is getting close to the wire.

Joe McEacharn, president of the Double-A Eastern League, says a decision for baseball in Ottawa will need to come by this fall so that the league can prepare for a new team in 2015.

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The One ‘Legitimate’ Ottawa Baseball Offer


Baseball at Ottawa Stadium.

Let’s do a very close analysis of the Ottawa baseball press release that didn’t make it to Bulldog Ottawa’s mailbox last week:

The City of Ottawa has received multiple submissions for its Request for Offers (RFO), which closed today, for a long-term tenant for the Ottawa Stadium.

City staff will commence with the evaluation of the submissions, and will produce an Evaluation Report, which will be presented to the City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee and Council in October.

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City Fails To Play Ball


The bidding for use of Ottawa Stadium is complete.

Strangely enough, your agent at Bulldog Ottawa didn’t even know a press release had been issued on the results of the bidding process Thursday on professional baseball for Ottawa until late Friday.

This is the second time this has occurred on a sensitive topic and when I called communications on the previous one, well they just couldn’t figure out how that happened.

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One ‘Legitmate’ Bid Received For Ottawa Baseball


Ottawa Stadium: So far no major roadblocks have appeared in the effort to bring baseball back to the city.

The City of Ottawa has received one “legitimate” bid in its call for interest to locate an Eastern League Double-A franchise here.

A source close to the negotiations says Mandalay Sports Entertainment and Professional Sports Catering have the Minor League Baseball-sanctioned bid to put a team in the currently vacant Conventry Road stadium.

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City Issues Baseball RFO

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

In accordance with City Council’s direction to staff on June 12, the City of Ottawa’s Supply Branch today released a revised Request for Offers (RFO) for a “best offer to lease” the Ottawa Stadium facility in the long-term.

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Baseball Deal Not Dead: League President


The glory days of baseball in Ottawa when the Coventry Road stadium actually had a team in it.

Eastern League President Joe McEacharn says he is surprised by Ottawa reports that the bid for Double-A baseball here is on its last legs.

McEacharn says if the deal is dead, he’s wondering why he and others are working so hard to see it come to fruition. McEacharn is “cautiously optimistic” that a deal can be worked out to bring the Eastern League to Ottawa Stadium by 2015. However that deal must be completed by this fall for the agreement to come to fruition.

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A Lonely Outpost Of Baseball: Whopper Watch


Ottawa Stadium has one of the best locations in the city beside Highway 417. It’s problem is parking.

As Citizen reporter David Reevely Tuesday followed the breaking news stories from Bulldog Ottawa on Eastern League baseball over the weekend, he uttered this major whopper.

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Watson Misses Another Baseball Deadline



If Mayor Jim Watson were choosing up sides for a pick-up ballgame at Pinecrest, they’d throw out the first pitch in 2017.

His Worship wanted the baseball file and lifted it from a number of engaged councillors who were making considerable progress on bringing Double-A Eastern League baseball to the city.

On Saturday, Bulldog Ottawa reported the Eastern League saying there was not enough time to prepare an Ottawa franchise for the 2014 season. This is the second time Watson has missed an EL deadline for Double-A ball — the first being for 2013.

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No Double-A Baseball For Ottawa In 2014

The window of opportunity for having Eastern League baseball in Ottawa has closed for 2014, league president Joe McEacharn said Saturday.

McEacharn said talks in which he participated on Thursday and Friday in Toronto and Ottawa were “positive and constructive” but no deal was forged between the parties that would make baseball be ready for the 2014 season.

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Money Shortfall Spurs Ottawa Baseball Talks

The cost of renovating Ottawa Stadium has risen markedly and is at the crux of the difficulty surrounding bringing Eastern League baseball to Ottawa in 2014, Bulldog Ottawa has learned.

Meetings in Toronto and Ottawa today and Friday have come about because negotiations have reached a critical point, baseball insiders say.

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