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Watson Caught In Twitter Taxi Whopper

Still haven’t heard from Mayor Jim Watson when he fired up a whopper on Twitter saying he’s fast-tracking a new $300,000 taxi report.

Perhaps he has forgotten that the city has sat on its own taxi report for three years. The report was to cover all areas of the taxi industry. Maybe had it been released years ago, we wouldn’t have all these taxi problems today.

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All The LRT Conjecture That’s Unfit To Print

lrt tweet

There are times when putting out The Bulldog and dealing with some people who read it drives you bananas.

This is one of those times.

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Cranky Old Ken Gray



Ha ha. Twitter had this little display of 140-character-or-less debate of like-minded people agreeing with each other.

When has that ever happened?

They didn’t like me. Oh dear. How will I ever tweet again in this town?

Kind of wondering where this came from. Did your agent do something bad? The target is lil ole me.

The pixel evidence is below:

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Watson Goes Teletubby On Budget

The Teletubbies in action. Mayor Jim Watson will be in action in a Teletubbies consultation on June 25.

The Teletubbies was a preschooler TV show about little alien characters who talked in infantile gibberish.

Not to miss a trend, Mayor Jim Watson is holding a Tele-Town Hall on June 25 “before city staff begins developing the draft Budget 2016.” Ottawa’s foremost tweep will be asking for tweets, of course.

There’s just one problem: the strategic initiatives for budget 2016 have already been set by the mayor’s office. Precious little budget room is left for councillor initiatives let alone a raft of such suggestions from the public.

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Cullen, Watson Get In Twitter Spat

Former councillor Alex Cullen and Mayor Jim Watson exchanged words on Twitter about corporation and union campaign donations.

From Cullen to Watson:

And what about banning corp and union $? Undemocratic to allow privileged few to donate 2X. Would level field.

Cullen also mentioned that The Bulldog really gets under Watson’s skin.

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Here’s The Good News On Gridlock

Here’s one good thing coming out of Ottawa’s gridlock from frequent Bulldog contributor Robert Roberts on Twitter:

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Mayor McCheese As The Tweepinator

Here is a tweet from Ottawa’s preeminent Tweep, Mayor Jim Watson.



Is there a person in Ottawa who tweets more than the Tweepinator?

When the roof caves in on the light-rail project, His Worship tweets on election signs. Now he’s got the cheese issue covered.

How can you take a person in a responsible position seriously with communications like this?

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Tweet: Here’s Jim Watson


Mayor Jim Watson meets with his dad who is in a long-term-care home near His Worship’s respite home as he heals from a snowmobile injury.

There’s has been a Mayor Jim “The Pelvis” Watson sighting on Twitter.

Looks pretty hardy and happy in his new wheelchair. The mayor tweeted this out from his respite home.

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More On Chianello

The discussion of columnist Joanne Chianello’s work continues … this time on Twitter:

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Totally Awesome, Tim Tierney

Sorry to centre you out here Tim Tierney but your tweet was sent to me by Twitter to encourage me to participate on the social medium.

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Give John Baird A Language Break



Poor John Baird. Could it be that the foreign minister doesn’t tweet enough in French?

Oh no.

Imagine. Federal Language Commissioner Graham Fraser is probing the minister to see if Baird is not tweeting half in French and half in English.

Does Fraser not have a hobby? Is the Federal Language Commissioner actually spending good government money and time on something as minute as this?

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Hobbs Makes Twitter Waves

Here is some feedback on Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs from Twitter:

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RinkODreams Needs Work

RinkODreams, who has taken on human form as a Twitter tweep, faces unemployment as the ice melts.

Here is his recent tweet:

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Jim Watson’s Useless Tweets

Mayor Jim Watson has an impressive 32,500 followers on Twitter. He has dispatched out an astounding 36,300 tweets.

So when Waller Street collapsed above the light-rail project construction, what was Watson discussing? The province was responsible for not having liquor available in bars for the gold-medal hockey game. What a waste.

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RinkODreams Ready To Enter Political Arena

The tweep RinkODreams looks to be weighing an entry into politics.

This from Twitter:

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Watson Fails At Policy

The Airport Parkway pedestrian bridge is an example of Mayor Jim Watson’s policy failures.

The big knock against Mayor Jim Watson is not that he doesn’t work; he works at the wrong stuff.

His stupendous event-going and hideous amount of time spent tweeting have been said to take away from the attention he must spend on his most important function: policy. As one senior public servant put it, Watson is a great “retail” mayor, but leaves much to be desired on the wholesale side.

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Our Man In China

Mayor Jim Watson, now in China, has the Twitter jones pretty bad.

Here he is tweeting at 4:45 a.m. EDT from somewhere deep in the mysterious East. Apparently His Worship has found avid students in the people’s republic as he teaches his version of Ottawa democracy:

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Grow Up, Citizen Sports Editor Tells City

Ottawa Citizen sports editor James Gordon has a blunt message for the city in its blacklisting of Bulldog Ottawa.

Below is some of the feedback on Twitter to the blacklisting issue:


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Mister Twitter A Mayoral Obsession

watson twitter

Mayor Jim Watson’s hyper-busy Twitter site. When does Watson find time to be mayor?

When it comes to Twitter, best to consult a youngster. That’s how we discovered Mayor Jim Watson’s tweeting obsession.

You’ll remember a few weeks ago Bulldog Ottawa probed Watson’s preoccupation with attending events and found out that he spends about 25 per cent more than a full-time job at community occasions. And that didn’t include council, committee and other official functions. We wondered when he found time for the business of mayor.

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Jim Watson Makes A Twitter Faux Pas

The 5th Columnist site takes Mayor Jim Watson to task over a careless tweet on land development policy.

Bulldog Ottawa has been wondering how long for the mayor to make a mistake on Twitter.

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The Tweeps Tweet At Bulldog Ottawa

Time to catch up on the Twitter discourse on Bulldog Ottawa.

We’re out there if you want to follow us. Just click here.

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Sens Muster Massive Twitter Following

Some of our newest tweeting Ottawa Senators are drawing some massive numbers on Twitter.

Erik Karlsson has but 43,430 followers on Twitter as of Thursday morning.

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Welcome Aboard, Kate

Hobbs from her Twitter site

Hobbs from her Twitter site

So I’m going through my interactions on the Twitter and am anoticin’ who’s been afollowin’ when, by golly, the most unexpected thing happened.


Why it’s thespian, cyclist, poster of bizarre photos of herself on the Twitter, never saw a condo she didn’t like, the developers’ best friend, introducer of walk-on motions, (and, oh yeah) councillor and supporter of the Hobbs Centre for the Performing Arts in Bayview (and hasn’t it been going gangbusters since she took the brave stand of backing it?), yes, Katherine “High-Rise” Hobbs.

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Tweetin’ Walton And Watson

It’s been a busy week here at Bulldog World Headquarters what with the goings on of His Worship Jim Watson and the machinations of Walton International in the southwest part of the city.

Thus there has been a lot Bulldog action on Twitter. Here are a few of the tweets:

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Soup’s On: Rink O’Dreams Serves Up The Mayor

Rink O’Dreams, the unofficial Twitter persona for the skating pad in front of Ottawa City Hall, got sniffy with Mayor Jim Watson and his Family Day extravaganza at the aforementioned rink.

Then everybody got involved … then it got ugly.

It all started with this:

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