Contract Out Planning To Developers?



A person buys a house and discovers after the purchase that the land on which the house is located is contaminated.

Who pays for the cleanup? It’s let the buyer beware. The new owner.

If this individual (emphasizing the word individual) wanted special breaks from the city for the cleanup, would he or she get them (emphasizing the word special). Probably not.

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Mizrahi Project: What The Hell Is That Thing?


The Parliamentary district comes to Wellington Village in this new incarnation of a Mizrahi development.

“Post-modernist architecture is like putting a funny hat on a dog.”

Years ago at the Winnipeg Free Press reporter Doug Whiteway was on my staff. Whiteway was a brilliant writer and a joy with whom to work.

Only Whiteway could make a feature on post-modernist architecture interesting. The quote above is from that feature.

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Tinkering With Westfest Has A Risk

Sports has an adage that transfers to many other fields … such as business.

Never change a winning game.

The Westboro Business Improvement Area should heed that caution with Westfest.

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Katherine Hobbs Park Finds Tenants



Winston Square on Richmond Road in Westboro (at the end of dead-end Winston Street) has some unexpected tenants.

The 1,600-square-foot concrete sort of park … about the size of a three-bedroom home in Orleans … cost $420,000 … a lot more than a three-bedroom home in Orleans.

And for this, Ottawans got a lot of concrete, some flags, some kind of benches and some walls to grow vines. Couldn’t we have just got a house? You know, for the homeless?

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Three Great Planning Strikes

cityhallsmallWhat neighbourhoods have been under the scrutiny of Ottawa’s planning department most.

This is no scientific tally but your agent would say probably Lansdowne (and the Glebe around it), Little Italy and the old west end.

Which areas are experiencing traffic problems recently?

Why Lansdowne, Little Italy and the old west end.

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Westboro No More



Now in this post, your agent is using Westboro in the broadest sense … perhaps correctly meaning the old west end but much more recognizable as Westboro to people from Orleans or Barrhaven. So stand down Hintonburgers.

Why does Westboro keep being abused?

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Current Condition Of Convent Garden


The view of Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent in Westboro from Byron Avenue.

The photo above shows the current condition of Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent in Westboro.

The photo shows that the 19-century garden once used by the nuns there to grow food and contemplate the site now is a barren gravelled lot. Appears to be being used as a parking lot.

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Where Did The Westboro Convent Go?

conventLes Soeurs de la Visitation convent is lurking behind a soon-to-be-completed condo.

The contentious Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent on Richmond Road in Westboro has rather close quarters.

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Stop Whining, Bulldog: Tweep

Well I’m outraged. So too is the Dawg Pack.

You see Twitter Tweep good_robyn says it is time for Ken Gray and his fellow whiners to start their chorus after the Citizen ran a story about the Ashcroft temporary lane way across Byron linear park in Westboro.

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Ottawans Must Demand Better Government

ottawa city hall

Too many things are going wrong at Ottawa City Hall.

The $8-million fiasco that is the result of the green-bin audit is part of a dreadful series of mistakes at Ottawa City Hall that is an embarrassment for public servants, politicians and taxpayers themselves.

Missing paperwork and misinformation on the organics program sent the way of council is completely inappropriate but something is much worse than this mess. That is bad and sometimes multi-million-dollar screwups are becoming the norm at city hall.

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Hobbs Touts Light-Rail Detour Change

Hobbs from her Twitter site

Hobbs from her Twitter site

Oh lookie here.

What would be a holiday weekend in Ottawa be when absolutely no one is home (‘cept The Bulldog and a few shut-ins) without an emailed newsletter from the God, queen and empress of Kitchissippi Katie Hobbs.

Hello again, councillor.

While those of us who’ve been following the political scene since Napoleon crowned himself the grand fromage in France, sending out an email on one of the quietest days of the year might appear unwise. But not to our Katie. She’s using some highly sophisticated political strategy that is, as yet, uncharted. Our Kate, pushing the political envelope yet again … in an election year to boot.

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Little Italy Gets Farce Traffic Study

The City of Ottawa will conduct a traffic study of the Preston-Carling area in Little Italy.

However, The Bulldog will save taxpayers, politicians, city staff and sorry, even consultants, some time.

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Little Italy: Planning As Usual


The character of Little Italy is disappearing as the area gentrifies.

Little Italy has a lot in common with Westboro.

In Westboro, the city laid down wide pink sidewalks and allowed out-of-control intensification so that rents just skyrocketed. Mom-and-pop stores with character couldn’t afford the high rents associated with the heavy traffic created by intensification, so they moved or disappeared.

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Where Are Next Light-Rail Detours?

This avid Bulldog reader says it’s time for the City of Ottawa to declare where the detours will be set up for western LRT. Can’t be too early:

Hello Bulldog.

I hope this sounds a little conspiratorial–I really do. But I can’t help thinking there’s a long game being played out with this decision. Namely, the City’s yet-to-be-announced plans for Transitway detours during Tunney’s to Baseline LRT construction.

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Stop The Attack On Our Neighbourhoods

This is a comment to Bulldog Ottawa from a Facebook friend:

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Hobbs Post Generates Fierce Debate



This week Bulldog Ottawa readers had a blast debating whether residents should boycott development public meetings.

Your agent says they are just dog-and-pony shows where people go through the motions of listening to resident and then do what they please. While most Bulldoggians don’t disagree with that premise, some feel people should go to meetings to pressure the city and developers.

In case you missed it, the comments below are from the post A Hobbs’ Dog-And-Pony Show.

And that’s where the debate begins:

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Hobbs Has Westboro Rising



Avid Bulldog reader Randy Gordon looks at the current state of development in the old west end:

Ho Ho Ho – Need More Dough

I think I have now discovered how the City is trying to recoup its loses from the recent financial disasters of the Airport Parkway Bridge, the Armstrong Bridge, Presto Card, LRT. You know what I mean.

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Hobbs And The Spirit Of Taking



Who would have thought Bulldog Ottawa was on Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs’ Christmas card list, but it is the season of miracles.

Ms. Hobbs fired along her electronic card to the humble Bulldog along with a list of her accomplishments in an effort to take your vote Kitchissippians come October next year. So much for giving.

Here’s the evidence (and aren’t you glad you tuned in today with all this coverage of Ottawa’s most … ah … interesting … yeah, that’s it … interesting … councillor):

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