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Here’s The Menard Bombshell Question About Tewin

This is the recording of the bombshell question posed by Capital Councillor Shawn Menard at Thursday’s planning committee about rumours he’d heard about Taggart paying the salaries of city staff working on its controversial...

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Menard: Make A Garbage Decision, Get It Right

  “(Capital Councillor Shawn) Menard says the decision about building a new landfill or a new incinerator will come next year, after staff have fully analyzed the positions, those costs and benefits of each,...

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Menard Won’t Win Prom King: WHOPPER WATCH

    “(My) work has not won me any popularity contests at City Hall. I know that I will not be voted prom king of #TeamOttawa this term of council.” Capital Councillor Shawn Menard...


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