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You can’t afford to not be in The Bulldog.

You know the importance of reaching your target audience with your
message. That’s why we highly recommend advertising in The Bulldog
right now, the first read of people interested Ottawa local public policy.


Page Views Per Month: 330,436; more than 330,000
Hits Per Month: 681,189; more than 681,000
Unique Visitors Per Month: 89,543; almost 90,000
Unique Visitors Per Year: 1,074,516; almost 1.1 million








Readership Affinity:

Spread evenly over topics though with a small emphasis on news and politics.


In Market Segment:
Spread evenly over interests with emphasis on auto, travel, home, financial services, arts and entertainment.


Top Channels:

Twitter: 45 per cent;
Facebook: 36 per cent;
LinkedIn: 4 per cent.



Mobile: 56 per cent;


Load Time:
0.9 seconds.


Page CTR:


Session Duration:
4.41 minutes.


The Bulldog offers a highly engaged, affluent, influential and active audience. As well, it’s followed by municipal politicians and staff, local provincial MPs and local federal MPs.

The large audience is spread evenly over topics, with the most emphasis on news and politics, especially civic public policy. They also have diverse interests, with an emphasis on auto, travel, home, financial services, arts, and entertainment.

The Bulldog is highly effective at driving traffic to your business or website. Its top channels include Twitter, Facebook, Google, and referrals, with a significant 45 per cent of referrals coming from Twitter alone. With mobile devices accounting for 56 per cent of traffic, your ads will be seen by cutting edge audiences.

At just $3,000 for a one-year ad, The Bulldog offers an unmatched way to raise your political and voter profile or increase the knowledge of your business or service. Your ad will appear on about 1,300 pages for 365 days a year, giving you 474,000 appearances per year. With a page CTR of 2.3 and a session duration of 4.41 minutes, your message will be seen and remembered by your target audience. Each appearance costs 0.6 cents. Try to beat that price. You can’t.

Advertising in The Bulldog is a highly effective and affordable way to reach your target audience in Ottawa. With unmatched prices and an affluent audience, The Bulldog is the premier news and analysis website for politicians, consultants, and business people looking to increase their reach and visibility.


To contact The Bulldog about advertising opportunities, email us


43 per cent.


Percentage of new sessions:
76 per cent


Primary market:


Extended market:
Ontario, especially Toronto


Ad for one year: $3,000 (add $1,000 for under or over-the banner ads);

Ads are 300×250 everywhere but the banner and under the banner. You can see the banner ad and under banner ad here.

Your ad will appear 365 days a year on about 1,300 pages. That’s 474,000 appearances a year.

That means each appearance costs 0.632 cents. Try to find a better advertising rate in Ottawa. Impossible.


Social Media:
Editor Ken Gray has about 7,000 followers on social media who receive
posts on each item published in The Bulldog plus many followers on
relevant hashtags.


About 200 people have signed up to Bulletin Bulldog. They receive an
email each time a post is published.

This is an unmatched and amazingly affordable way to raise your political
and voter profile or increase the knowledge of your business or service.
The audience is people who vote and are interested in municipal news and analysis.

Email us at to advertise in The Bulldog.


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