Lansdowne 2.0: What Staff Wants

Here are the recommendations to be presented on Tuesday at finance committee on Lansdowne 2.0:

Lansdowne 2.0 Procurement Options Analysis and

That Finance and Corporate Services Committee recommend that City Council:

1. Approve the recommended procurement delivery model of a Design Bid
Build for the design and construction of the Event Centre and North Side
Stands, as described in this report and including as follows:

a. Receive the KPMG Lansdowne Park Revitalization Delivery Model
Options Analysis report, as detailed in Document 1;

b. Receive the progress report on a Social Procurement Framework for
the Lansdowne 2.0 project, as detailed in Document 2;

c. Approve that an additional $4 million be advanced against the
existing project budget authority to prepare tender ready design
drawings for both the Event Centre and North Side Stands, and
provide for the assistance of outside experts to assist and advise the
City in progressing the Redevelopment proposal, as described in
this report.

2. Approve the approach for the Request for Offer for the air rights
development, as described in this report and detailed in Document 3.

3. Approve the $20 million line of credit to be taken out and repaid by the
Lansdowne Master Limited Partnership and guaranteed by the City, as
described in this report.

4. Delegate the authority to the City Manager, in consultation with the City
Solicitor and the City Treasurer, to authorize, negotiate, finalize and
execute any necessary contracts, resolutions, and/or contract amendments
that may be necessary to implement the recommendations in this report as
adopted by Council.


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2 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Council is composed of fools to accept this blatant misuse of CITY FUNDS for the benefit of OSEG. This is not an April 1st consideration it is a fools errand to throw good money after bad with minimal to no return to the taxpayer and Ottawa being the financial guarantor for this “project” ! Waterdrip number 2

  2. Andrew says:

    These recommendations indicate a conflict of interest and OSEG’s influence over staff and Council. The city did not follow its own policies on this project (proof is in possession) and the conflict is beyond obvious. The province should follow the Planning Act which allows them to take over projects in the public interest.
    Nobody is saying do not do anything, we need a competition and a decision made without the developer influence such as we saw in the Horizon Ottawa report, (the pro-Lansdowne mayor getting over $100K in developer donations for example). Public involvement is not two – 1 hour zoom meetings “question” sections.

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