So Much For The Swagger: PATTON



I don’t know about that Mike Patton.

I believe Mr. Patton might have broken The Bulldog dress code. If I’m not mistaken, the code says you must be fully clothed in podcasts.

Perhaps a trip to Bulldog World Headquarters Human Resources might be in order.

The things these kids try to get away with these days:


Could We Not Be "More Than"?

And what’s with the mighty neck chain there, Disco Mike? Is it the 1970s again?

Is that the haunting refrain of Disco Duck I hear in the background?

Why yes it is …


Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots - Disco Duck TOTP ( 1976 )

Now that’s swagger.


Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.

2 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    This Council is definitely “less than” the Councils that conceived and built the Civic Centre. Not only were they better planners, organizers, managers but they managed to do it without giving away the farm.

  2. Andrew says:

    Does this mean the new arena downtown is also going to be 45% smaller than the current CT centre (same logic)?
    It looks like council thinks it makes sense since the city will grow by 40% in the next 30 years. (The developer does contribute to elections, so they get what they pay for…approvals! )

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