Sorry Eclipse Watchers But …

… the weather is deteriorating in Ottawa for Monday’s space phenomenon.

While on Friday forecasts for Monday were dead clear and perfect, now Environment Canada is predicting sun and clouds so seeing the eclipse here is a bit of a crap shoot. We’ll see.

Environment Canada will start providing hourly forecast updates for Monday so Ottawans might get a clearer picture of the eclipse weather tomorrow, if not a clear view of the eclipse.

The skinny on the eclipse:

  • Peak coverage: 98.8 per cent
  • Darkness: Like around dusk
  • Start time: 2:10 p.m.
  • Peak coverage: 3:25 p.m.
  • End: 4:35 p.m.

Wear approved protective glasses. There are some reports of fake eclipse glasses being sold from Third World countries. Make sure you’ve got the legitimate eye wear. It is vital.

Your agent experienced a total eclipse in Winnipeg in 1979. I watched it on television by a window and experienced the darkness in the daytime. It was dark enough to turn the street lights on.

Eyesight is precious and I’m unprepared to chance mine to a pair of flimsy glasses. I will do as I did in 1979 … watch the show on television (see it better) and experience the ghostly darkness first-hand.

In ancient Greece and Rome, an eclipse was thought to be an omen of a bad event.

Same here. A reliable source who could not be identified because they are not authorized to speak on the subject said you should expect it to rain toads and squirrels on Tuesday.

Bring an umbrella.

Ken Gray


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  1. Merrill Smith says:

    I’m torn between hiding in the basement or sacrificing one of the neighbourhood dogs. Or maybe both.

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