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Vote For The Best PM: Bulldog Poll

bulldog pollWe’re closing in on the (very) long-awaited federal election Monday.

It has been a very hard-fought campaign that started out on the economy and ended on the bogus issue of niqabs. Election campaigns can change direction in a breath. Or they can be orchestrated to be changed by smart backroom boys.

As the campaign concludes, we’re asking our readers in a Bulldog Poll who they think would be the best next prime minister of Canada. The voting box is below:

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Eagleson Road To Close

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

 Eagleson Road will be closed to through traffic from Fallowfield Road to Old Richmond Road, starting Tuesday, October 13 until late November. Local access will be maintained.

A signed detour will be posted using Fallowfield Road to Old Richmond Road. Cyclists should consider alternate routes as the road closure on Eagleson will apply to all vehicles including bicycles.

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Carleton Honours Max Keeping

This is a release from Carleton University:

Carleton University will lower its flags in honour of Max Keeping, longtime news anchor for CTV Ottawa, on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015. Keeping recently passed away after a battle with cancer. His memorial service will take place at noon on Tuesday at the Canadian Tire Centre.

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… And In Bulldog Canadian



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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


Your fastest, most complete Ottawa-area news summary is here at Full Local.


Full Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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Niqab: An Election Based On Ethnic Fear

Here is the sad state of our election.

Rather than voting for issues of substance, many are voting on the basis of fear of ethnic groups and religion.

Is this what Canada has declined to? Once a bright light of the world, this is not the Canada I know.

Here’s what Maclean’s says about it. The article is well worth reading:

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Bernanke: Depression Came Close In 2008



Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in this interesting interview talks about just how close the world came to experiencing an economic collapse in 2008-2009.

We came pretty close, Bernanke says:

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Zunera Ishaq Becomes A Canadian

CBC loaded its footage onto YouTube of Zunera Ishaq taking her citizenship oath in Ottawa on Friday.

flagZunera Ishaq is now a Canadian citizen in a ceremonial that is bound to become controversial.

It took a very strong woman to stand up to the criticism she faced from Canadians for her belief. Welcome to democracy, Ms. Ishaq.

From what I see, your agent believes she will make a wonderful Canadian and can teach other Canadians about tolerance and freedom of expression.

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The Niqab Is Oppressed


“My perception of Canada is that it is the country where everybody has freedom of religion, where everybody respects each other, where we can live freely, peacefully, very openly … I am feeling oppressed now, in this situation.”

Zunera Ishaq who went to court to wear a niqab while taking her citizenship oath

I guess Ms. Ishaq hasn’t got to the part of her history book that talks about how this country interned Japanese in the Second World War or how Chinese, Ukrainian, Irish and Italians were treated when they came to Canada.

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Niqabs Strange? Try A Kilt


“Obviously (wearing a niqab in the public service) is a tactic of the Conservativescampaign and it’s absolutely not an issue for us as federal public sector unions. We’re staying focused on the task — the task of ensuring that we get the change we want in this election so that we can be best positioned to deliver critical public services to Canadians, and the niqab just doesn’t factor into that.”

Debi Daviau, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Ms. Daviau says she knows of no one in the public service who wears a niqab.

So where’s the problem, Stephen Harper? You want to consider new legislation just in case someone shows up working in the public service with a niqab?

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Be Nice To The Mayor, Bulldog

As if there wasn’t enough discussion Thursday about Bulldog opinions, your agent gets this on Twitter:

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Buses Available For Max Keeping Memorial

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Three OC Transpo buses will be made available to take residents to the Canadian Tire Centre for a Celebration of Life for Max Keeping on Tuesday, October 13 on a first come, first-served basis.

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City PR Starting To Get CTC

The Autumn in the City press releases from the municipality keep coming off the presses.

You’ll remember the first such release neglected events at the Canadian Tire Centre but didn’t miss one of the spectacles at the city-partnered Lansdowne complex. Probably just an oversight. The CTC competes with Lansdowne for Ottawa entertainment dollars.

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If Niqabs Go, So Should Nuns’ Habits, Gowns

Don’t nuns’ apparel look remarkably familiar to another garment that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would have banned in citizenship ceremonies?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s niqab ban-of-the-day continues with the PM considering not allowing it in the federal public service.

Already Quebec has done that.

One poll has niqab banners up to 61 per cent of Canadians. Oh Canada. Harper is milking this for best he can in a desperate bid to retain power.

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The Bulldog Backs Taman In Ottawa-Vanier

election endorsementThe Bulldog is endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Ottawa-Vanier riding:

Mauril Belanger, Liberal: Belanger has been around since 1995 representing Ottawa-Vanier.

That’s two decades. During those Belanger years, Rockcliffe continues to be wealthy in Ottawa-Vanier and Vanier continues to be poor.

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The Bulldog Makes Endorsements

election endorsementThroughout the federal election campaign, The Bulldog will be making election endorsements on the local Ottawa area ridings.

Here is how the endorsements have unfolded so far.

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Ottawa Loves Its Swawarma

Wanna swawarma? Huh?

People from out of town don’t get it. Maybe a few near a Lebanese area of their city get it but that’s about it.

Why do we like swawarma in Ottawa? Probably because it is good and there is a large Lebanese community in town. Swawarma is Lebanese fast food. It has gone cross-cultural.

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Watson Shows His True Grit



This is how Mayor Jim Watson treats “his good friends” in the Conservative party after they have just helped fund the city’s light-rail Phase 2 fiasco.

In his grandstanding showboat show in which local federal candidates debate local issues at city hall, Watson made a point of embarrassing the Conservatives. King Jimbo the First, ruler of all of Ottawa (including Parliament Hill), left a chair open with the Conservative logo nearby in the debate to show those plucky Tories had stood up his Kingship for the debate.

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The Mayor’s Next Job?

The post above on Mayor Jim Watson’s empty Tory chair leads to another point.

Watson has certainly had a high profile in the federal election campaign.

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Free Trade Tough On Labour



Many critics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership say it will cost 20,000 auto jobs, most no doubt in southwestern Ontario.

Just when the low dollar was starting to help Canadian manufacturers, the Harper government with the TPP threw them an anchor. On the bright side however, it appears we will be selling much more beef abroad and just a bit less milk. Alberta should be pleased. Cows less so.

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Eek! Parking At Lansdowne

The quiet song above by Chris de Burgh is in contrast to the difficulties concert-goer Elina Olsen had trying to find a parking space at Lansdowne to see the show.

Many critics of Lansdowne during its planning stages said it would be a nightmare to get to the development.

Already busy streets, limited parking and no mass transit line nearby.

Here is one woman’s experience:

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Niqabs: Politics At Its Most Cynical

Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair debate the so-called niqab issue.

This is the politics of fear. Politics at its most cynical. Politics promoting concern over “the other” … people who aren’t like us.

Bad enough that the Conservative government has been pumping Canadians full of concern over terrorism … that one-in-17.5-million-chance that a Canadian could be killed by another terrorist attack.

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Ottawa Parking Spaces Take On New Form

Appears our parking spots in Ottawa could be changing into something else.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City of Ottawa has launched the Streetside Spots pilot project today by inviting businesses and community groups to redefine parking spaces with different looks, designs and uses.

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Could Non-Coup-Coup Two Be On The Way?



About 10 city councillors are very dissatisfied with the administration of Mayor Jim Watson, sources at Ottawa City Hall say.

If three more councillors joined, this group would have a majority on the 24-member council.

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Pick McGuinty Again In Ottawa South

election endorsementThe Bulldog is endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Ottawa South riding:

David McGuinty, Liberal: To paraphrase Mark Twain, it’s hard to throw a brick in Ottawa South without hitting a McGuinty.

His brother Dalton had a long high-profile career in provincial politics. Why the McGuintys’ father represented the riding.

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