Bedard Took An Illegal Hit To The Head


In this check, young NHL star Connor Bedard gets his jaw fractured.

The Neanderthals who cover NHL hockey say this is a clean hit. Interesting.

Maybe these people missed human anatomy class but the jaw is part of the head.

That’s a hit to the head. You don’t break a jaw without hitting the head.

And if it’s close, then the call should be made. A head is too fragile a thing to be treated like a rock.

Maybe the people who think this is a clean hit took a few too many bangs to the head when they were playing.

The result speaks for itself.

Ken Gray


Connor Bedard takes MASSIVE hit from Brenden Smith and leaves game #blackhawks #devils

This is the hit to the head of Connor Bedard.


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3 Responses

  1. AM says:

    Clearly a hit to the head!

  2. Kosmo says:

    The NHL and the LRT are using the same safety standards.

  3. Ken Gray says:





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