Bring Back The Old Lansdowne Parking Lot: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“(Lansdowne) is already better than it was before, now we have an even better plan for an even better Lansdowne.”

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe


It used to be annoying to hear people with no knowledge of Lansdowne say that it was better than it was before.

Well of course it was better than before … a crumbling parking lot that was covered in so many potholes that you would have thought it was a city street. A latrine would be better than that old parking lot. A mighty low bar for better.

But now, one can’t be sure that the old parking lot was worse than we have today.

Lansdowne has been a failure … a very expensive failure. The city has been raiding its reserves and ringing up new debt on a Lansdowne 2.0 that doesn’t solve the problems of Lansdowne 1.0. That is, other than game days, very few people go there. Why would you go there? What’s to do?

Lansdowne: Costs Skyrocket, Stadium Roof Lost: MENARD

And at least the old parking lot provided adequate parking. That’s better than Lansdowne and the Glebe do now.

Maybe that old parking lot is better than what we have now. It was useful but not pretty and it didn’t cost two-thirds of a billion dollars that the city doesn’t have for something that doesn’t work.

Bring back the parking lot. At least it worked … maybe even generated a bit of revenue.

Ken Gray




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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Maybe the mayor could include Lansdowne on his regular runs so he would get a better idea how few people are actually there. Doesn’t look like you need a reservation to dine at Lansdowne from what I’ve seen.

  2. Robert Roberts says:

    New Lansdowne =. New LRT. Same Council. Same outcome. Fail.

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