City Council Divides, Left Backs Menard


The left is certainly lining up behind their man Capital Councillor Shawn Menard in the $300,000 developer gift issue.

Safe to say that the honeymoon period for Mayor Mark Sutcliffe and his council is over. The right on council is playing hardball with the left’s most prominent municipal councillor. That said, Menard certainly has a way of alienating people. It’s too bad because he is a smart guy.

Best everyone on council has their backgrounds all clean because the political investigators and their wicked workers will be doing their homework soon. Council will be turning ugly and both the right and the left will be taking no prisoners.

The right declared war with the Menard issue and no doubt the left will oblige them.

This from X:



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4 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    I love the city making a new policy, like taxes, all donations must be for the city in whole, not targeted to a specific area. So with that over, lets get the new condo’s in Lansdowne contributing like everyone else, that is, taxes go to the city wide services and not their own “private tax fund” as the OSEG and the city plans.

  2. Robert Roberts says:

    On the right or the left ;councillors accept goodies from developers. Menard has made mistake.
    How do we trust Menard on Lansdowne?

  3. John Langstone says:

    I’m personally having trouble understanding where the donation in Capital Ward differs much from Section 37 of the planning act, which allows (or has allowed) the City to negotiate contributions towards community benefits for developments that seek to increase a site’s permitted density by 25% or more. To address the above comments, what is going on with Lansdowne is the diversion of taxes from the residential development to make it appear that the Stadium and arena are less costly to the taxpayer than they in fact are. Shawn Menard did not support Lansdowne 2.1 in the recent Council vote.

  4. Theresa says:

    I wonder if those developers who have contributed substantially to the election campaigns of several of our councillors are leaning on them to question this donation, because it might set an embarrassing precedent for said developers, and make their weaseling out of planning regulations more difficult to continue.

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