City Hall Doesn’t Make Mistakes, Just Excuses

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe says his trip to London was a great success.

Sure about that?

This from X:

Who paid for the trip?

A lobby group which does work in some areas of the municipal sphere. That’s a conflict and is a very easy, but disappointing call to make.

Furthermore, what concrete deals did the mayor sign at this conference? Usually when a dignitary goes abroad on a business trip, he or she announces a pre-arranged agreement and signs it at the conference. Nothing here.

Rather than try to justify the trip, just say you’re sorry. That looks noble. Justifying mistakes looks petty.

That’s a big problem at Ottawa City Hall. And it’s horrible public relations and pretty bad people.

Sorry is a Canadian obsession. Make a mistake, say you’re sorry. People admire and trust people who do that.

City hall covers-up, lies by omission, lies and is horribly incompetent. And what’s Laurier Avenue’s reputation? Well ambitious people won’t apply for multi-one-hundred-thousand-dollar jobs because they don’t want to be part of the failed culture of city hall.

A big improvement would be to act ethically, admit mistakes and find solutions. That’s all people ask and people respect those traits in others.

Ken Gray


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4 Responses

  1. David says:

    “Met with dozens??” That seems unlikely unless the London stay was weeks long. Mr. Mayor – just publish your meeting schedule – or a list of the big shots you met with – where Ottawa was discussed..

  2. The Voter says:

    If I may, I’d also like to report that my last trip to London was also a success. I met lots of people and secured a commitment for my cousin to visit me here. She’s a tourist, partook of lots of tourist destinations while she was here and spent lots of tourist dollars to boost our economy. She could have doubled her effect on the economy had she been able to persuade her hubby to join her but, alas, it was not to be and our tourism industry hasn’t reached its full potential since.

    Of course, the amount I spent in London was more than what she spent here which creates a trade deficit but I did my part, right? And I had such a good time. I didn’t run a marathon but there was that time I ran to catch the bus.

  3. MM says:

    Nothing happened, except that Sutcliffe got Ottawa taxpayers to pay for his marathon trip.

  4. Ken Gray says:


    Actually the city did not pay for his trip. Private lobbyists did.



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