Bulldog Shares Brockington’s Mighty Outrage

All day today on the X, people have been criticizing the media (moi?) because a veiled shot at Mayor Mark Sutcliffe by River Councillor Riley Brockington has not been making the news.

They ask questions such as, isn’t this worth a story? Well, frankly, no.

But now that you’ve asked.

I do this because you asked and in deference to the long and fruitful relationship between The Bulldog and the aforementioned Brockington.

There’s the tweet below. See? Now your agent’s take on it.

Isn’t it interesting that a mayor has trouble getting the LRT fixed (though credit where credit is due, despite the high winds today the LRT extension cord has not been pulled out), we have gas-powered electric buses, $419 million has been appropriated to the odd Lansdowne to make it roughly the same or worse, and he can’t find it in his heart-of-hearts to get an audit of the Trillium Line procurement (which by the way is late by 510 days, 17 hours, 35 minutes, and 45 seconds … give or take a second or two). But he gets nailed for taking a free trip from lobbyists to the London Marathon and to advertise Ottawa as a sports hub (which screwed up getting a Double-A Blue Jays franchise, unlike Erie, Pa., because the ex-mayor didn’t like an ex-councillor).

OK, a few thousand versus $6.4 billion but that’s the weird world of politics. Make it simple, clean and easy to understand so distracted Ottawans can be outraged.

And you know, it’s not good and a conflict of interest (not as big as Lansdowne but not insignificant) so I’m outraged. But then your agent was outraged in a previous post. Now there’s only so much outrage in The Bulldog so it must be apportioned out in small doses.

It is interesting that someone stood up to the mayor on this spineless council but is it news? Not really. But in discussing it now, perhaps it is.

All the news that is fit to invent.


Ken Gray


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4 Responses

  1. Ron Benn says:

    Kudos to Councillor Brockington for recognizing a conflict of interest when he sees it and saying it out loud. What a refreshing concept.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    But is it news?



  3. Ron Benn says:

    Ken, it is new, as in never happened before. At least not in the last decade in Ottawa.

  4. Peter Karwacki says:

    Regarded as petty by most with whom I have spoken.

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