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That flush you here is tax money being spent on pipes to the Tewin project.

City services to Tewin project cost $618 Million? Peanuts for the pointed heads at the city.

At least there’s some relevance to the areas these costs are attributed. It seems fitting that they include sewer costs because this city council and staff appear to be fixated on flushing present and future residents’ tax dollars down the toilet.

And the developer hasn’t even had the guts to promise a sports team to go with it. There’s always lacrosse. We don’t have a professional team and it would tie in with the supposed aboriginal theme.

I have a new theory. Perhaps it was an error back in the day when what was then 111 Lisgar St., now 110 Laurier Ave. and the home of Ottawa City Hall, was built that they did not oversize the sewage infrastructure there. That is resulting in the excessive overflow being incorporated into various city reports and projects, mainly those coming from the planning and infrastructure departments.

Library Budgeting Sleight-Of-Hand: THE VOTER

I don’t recall who was in charge of those areas of regional government, either elected officials or staff, at the time that building was conceived and built but have confidence in stating the current version of “planning” would be anathema to them. Not that they were saints by any means but, in comparison to the current edition, they’re looking pretty darn good.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.



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