FCA Firmly Rejects Lansdowne 2.0


This is a release from the Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa:

At its general meeting Wednesday (October 18) evening, the FCA (Federation of Citizens Associations), representing 70 community groups across the city of Ottawa, voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Lansdowne 2.0 proposal at City Council.

Said Robert Brinker, President of the FCA, “Our members are concerned about the enormous amount of public funds ($419 million) for a public-private partnership project based on dubious assumptions and uncertain benefits. We believe there are more important uses of our tax dollars than supporting a private, for-profit sports corporation.”

Brinker noted that the FCA membership, representing community associations across the city, raised many concerns about the lack of transparency regarding many of the project’s financial assumptions. “This is not a local Glebe issue, “said Brinker; “This will affect all taxpayers as the City will incur over $300 million of debt and not see the profits from the project’s “waterfall” until 2047. We believe the City has other more important priorities, like fixing our transit system, supporting affordable housing, and responding to climate change”.

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