How Will We Measure The Performance Of The Mayor?


So how do we measure the success of Mark Sutcliffe’s term as mayor? The same way we weighed former mayor Jim Watson’s performance.

In Watson’s case, early on in his 12 years as mayor, The Bulldog said he would be evaluated on his success or lack of it on the largest municipal project in Ottawa history … light rail.

Watson might not have passed that test.

So Sutcliffe? Same thing with a bit of an amendment. His performance will be measured against how well he fixes the problem-plagued light rail and restores OC Transpo to financial sustainability. And you could throw in making Lansdowne work for Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group’s partner. And he should toss the new central library. Think internet, not bricks and mortar.

Transpo: A Capacity Crisis As Ridership Falls

So far, Sutcliffe’s early term has been a mess. Trains haven’t worked periodically plus repairing the train with the same perfectly good parts that broke before isn’t a testimony for safety and reliability.

And if the mayor asks nicely, he will be told it’s unlikely the federal government is unprepared for pay its half of a project that is fiscally out of control.

Sutcliffe has a long way to go to recover from a bad start.

Ken Gray




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1 Response

  1. Ron Benn says:

    My take on his first almost year in office is that mayor is not an entry level position for elected officials. The learning curve is too steep.

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