Hwy. 417 To Close For Four Days

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario will be closing the following sections of Highway 417 for the rapid bridge replacement over Percy Street, starting at 8 pm on Thursday, October 19 until around 6 am on Tuesday, October 24:

  • Eastbound lanes between Carling/Kirkwood and Metcalfe
  • Westbound lanes between Metcalfe/Catherine and Bronson

Lane reductions and ramp closures are scheduled to start at 7 pm on Thursday, October 19, with the full closure of Highway 417 scheduled to be in place by 8 pm. The replacement timeline has been extended beyond the usual Monday reopening to accommodate any fall weather that could impact concrete and paving work.

The following access ramps will also close:

  • O’Connor westbound
  • Lyon westbound (ongoing)
  • Maitland eastbound
  • Carling eastbound
  • Parkdale eastbound

The following detours will be in effect during the closure

Westbound detour for Highway 417 closure

  • Westbound motorists must exit the highway at Metcalfe/Catherine
  • Continue westbound on Catherine Street
  • Take the Highway 417 Bronson westbound access ramp
Map showing detours

Eastbound detour for Highway 417 closure

  • Eastbound motorists must exit the highway at Carling/Kirkwood
  • Continue eastbound on Carling Avenue
  • Turn right on Bronson Avenue
  • Take ramp to eastbound Riverside Drive
  • Continue eastbound on Riverside Drive
  • Take the Highway 417 Riverside eastbound access ramp (just before the 417 bridge)
Map showing detours



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