It’s Library Month


This is a release from the Ottawa Public Library:

Reaffirming its dedication to fostering informed, empowered, and engaged citizenship, Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is celebrating Library Month – October – with a vibrant month-long campaign centered on the theme of democracy and the critical role libraries play in supporting a strong community. OPL’s theme for Library Month this year is “Your Library, your democracy / Votre Biblio, votre démocratie.”  

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Chief Librarian/CEO of Ottawa Public Library Sonia Bebbington notes that now is a critical time for libraries to stand firm in their commitment to protect intellectual freedom and democratic rights.  “We know that entering the Library, online or through our doors, is to enter a publicly accessible, and fundamentally democratic place.  At OPL, we offer spaces, collections, programs, tools and expertise so people can learn freely from diverse perspectives and ideas, think both critically and creatively, and engage with their communities,” said Bebbington.  

Library Month is also an occasion to show appreciation to OPL clients and champions and to celebrate the many ways the Library builds community and transforms lives. New clients who register for a library card will receive a free limited-edition book bag, as well as the person who recommended OPL to them.  

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Throughout the month of October, Ottawa residents can participate in fun and enlightening programs and events. Here are just a few of the programs OPL has in store:  



Special thanks to the Friends of Ottawa Public Library Association for their generous support to Library Month and to OPL all year long! 

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  1. Anderson Davies says:

    I thought it was Breast Cancer Awareness month, no, it’s Black History Month… so confusing.

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