Lansdowne Live Chat Sets A Record 50K Page Views

Wow. You think Lansdowne is not a hot topic in Ottawa right now? Well, you’re wrong.

The Bulldog Lansdowne Live Chat Tuesday evening did about 50,000 page views last night or about double the readership of a successful live chat here on this website.

Those are huge numbers by anyone’s standards.

And the sentiment, and this is not much of a judgment call, was overwhelmingly against Lansdowne 2.0.

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, Ottawa City Council and Mayor Mark Sutcliffe are decidedly on the hotseat now.

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No word on how the silent part of the population feels but the noisy part is anti-Lansdowne 2.0 big time. The live chat was the biggest readership night in The Bulldog’s 14-year history.

One thing certain. No one will be sneaking this issue under the radar at city hall in November.

Many thanks to the good people who participated in the live chat Tuesday night.

We hope The Bulldog provided a wide-open, unfettered opportunity for Ottawa to take advantage of participatory democracy at its best.

A good night for democracy, free speech and Ottawa public policy.

Ken Gray

Digital illustration on front by AI generator Bing Image Creator.



Here’s The Play-By-Play Of The Lansdowne Live Chat

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2 Responses

  1. Been There says:

    Thanks Ken and a big thank you to all that participated.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Thank you, Been There.

    That was quite a night. I was so excited I couldn’t get tired for bed so I did the washing and played snooker until three in the morning.

    I don’t know how we top that one. Such participation was absolutely amazing.

    Thank you all.

    I hope we moved the issue forward.



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