Lansdowne: What’s In It For Us: PATTON



If we are turning over our valuable Lansdowne Park to the private sector, we must determine the benefit of it for the citizens of Ottawa:

Protect Our Family Heirlooms

Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.



LANSDOWNE LIVE CHAT: Here’s The Transcript

Welcome To The Trump Lansdowne Event Centre

Partners? At Lansdowne? Really? THE VOTER

LANSDOWNE: A Bad, Bad Deal For The City: BENN



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1 Response

  1. Dan Stankovic says:

    There is an Editorial comment made in the Ottawa Citizen in 1899 over the mismanagement of the Central Canada Exhibition- “is it not time for the members of council to be made aware that they are servants of the people, and abide by the wishes of the ratepayers.” Over 100 years later, Bill Teron, one of Ottawa’s most respected developers made the following statement in the Ottawa Citizen in 2007 regarding giving up Lansdowne Park to developers – “Remember very carefully, you are touching on public trust…the public good has to be enormous”. Then there is Mike Patton in 2023.

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