LRT East Gets First Test To Montreal Station


This is a release with a rarity … some good news on light rail:

To / Destinataire Mayor and Members of Council  Chair and Members of the Transit Commission 

File/N° de fichier: 07-2024 

From /  


Michael Morgan, Acting General Manager Transit Services Department 

Subject / Objet O-Train East Extension Train Testing Begins Date: February 26, 2024 

The purpose of this memo is to provide the Mayor and Members of Council with notification of  an important milestone achieved on the Stage 2 O-Train East Extension. 

The O-Train East Extension will extend OC Transpo’s rail network east from Blair Station to  Trim Road. It will add 12.5 kilometres of rail to Line 1 along with five new stations at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard, Convent Glen, Place d’Orléans and Trim Road. 

Last night, after regular O-Train Line 1 service ended, an Alstom Citadis Spirit train was  operated on the O-Train East Extension for the first time from Blair Station to Montréal Station. This milestone was achieved following testing activities including track commissioning, traction  power substation testing, and overhead catenary system (OCS) testing. This series of tests  culminated in the successful energization of the OCS from Blair Station to Montréal Station. 

Travelling at walking speed, the train was escorted by staff on foot to verify the interface  between the train’s pantograph and the OCS while the train was in motion. Additional testing  between Blair Station and Montréal Station is anticipated later this week as crews continue to  test and validate the OCS system. Testing of the signal and train control system is expected to  start this spring, after which residents will see regular, slow speed testing of trains on the line. 


Michael Morgan  


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4 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Being cynical about the LRT. This was a “test” no word on success or failure or percentage of success.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Bruce, you are a doubting Thomas. You have a journalist’s instincts. k

  3. sisco farraro says:

    Well thank goodness! At least the train travels as fast as I can walk, although it’s a long haul to Trim Road if the train fails during the winter months.

  4. The Voter says:

    I suppose it has to walk before it can run. Here’s hoping it will be more successful at running than other segments of the LRT.

    Won’t be holding my breath though.

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