Marijuana Use Has Big Downside: PATTON




Bulldog commentator Mike Patton says mental health issues are appearing with marijuana use:

You Have Been Lucky

Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.




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3 Responses

  1. sisco farraro says:

    Maybe, just maybe there’s an issue with the officially-sanctioned marijuana grown for sale public pot shops vs the marijuana grown in peoples’ backyards, farm fields, etc. I wonder.

  2. Daniel Shields says:

    What a spurious statement by Mike Patton. He says stuff and then offers zero proof. Nothing. Nada. Seriously. No cred. I expect better from you Ken Grey.

  3. Ron Benn says:

    Daniel, I read an article on this topic in the main stream media a day or three ago. I read your comment and thought, what would Google show if I searched for “marijuana psychosis”. Presto, the first site that popped up is from Homework Daniel, homework.

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