Municipality Considers Burning Garbage

Taxpayers, a put-upon bunch if there ever were one, have laid out $6.4 billion for a green light-rail project that doesn’t work.

We’ve paid $1 billion for ebuses that likely are not suited to this climate as a green measure.

We have a green bus system that once worked, but now runs at a terrible deficit and doesn’t work.

Are the only people in this city who work productively the taxpayers? City hall has let us down very very badly.

And now, having paid billions for environmentally sensitive measures, the municipality is considering burning garbage. Good grief.

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What a sad group of public servants. And oh yes, as if the city hasn’t screwed up enough projects so far, now they want taxpayers to fork out another $419 million for Lansdowne for reasons smart people would prefer not to consider.

Have we not paid enough for the frailties of Ottawa City Hall. Most Ottawans don’t mind paying taxes but it’s an outrage that those hard-earned dollars are being flushed.

Make a decision … do you want to be green or not. If you must be wrong, at least be wrong consistently.

Hey, maybe we should give Plasco a call again if they still have a phone number. Maybe Orgaworld can handle this.

Sadly, this is a release from the City of Ottawa:

City staff presented an important update on the Solid Waste Master Plan. This update, for members of Council, ensures they have the latest information on the proposed plan to manage waste in Ottawa over the next 30 years.

The draft Waste Plan acknowledges that there is no single solution to managing waste. It will require a multi-pronged approach, including a number of actions to extend the life of the Trail landfill by approximately 14 years to 2048-2049. These actions include:

·       Supporting waste reduction, reusing and recycling
·       Diverting 30 per cent of waste to private landfills
·       Expanding the Trail landfill within its existing footprint
·       Banning industrial and commercial waste from the Trail landfill

Extending the life of the Trail landfill would give the City more time to plan its next waste disposal solution. The Waste Plan would see the City explore long term solutions such as anaerobic digestion for organic waste, waste-to-energy incineration to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and mixed waste processing to mechanically separate divertible materials from collected garbage.

The Waste Plan would reduce GHG emissions from landfill by about 138,620 tonnes of CO2e, equivalent to the emissions from 42,468 passenger vehicles in one year.

Financial implications

The draft Waste Plan provides high-level cost estimates for the recommended actions, including ongoing capital expenditures over the next ten years that are required to continue providing status quo services to residents. 
Staff are developing a comprehensive Solid Waste Long-Range Financial Plan to sustainably fund current and future solid waste services. This will be presented with the final Waste Plan in 2024.

Next steps

The Waste Plan was built with input from key stakeholders and the public in each stage of its development. Engagement with residents, Council and other stakeholders will continue to inform its development.

After this report is tabled, the City will begin a third round of engagement, which will support the development of the final Waste Plan. Residents, Council and other stakeholders will be able to provide feedback on the 50 proposed actions before the Waste Plan is finalized.

Staff will bring a final Waste Plan to City Council in Q2 2024. Staff would then begin work on the approved actions. Moving forward, staff would seek approval on various initiatives and strategies before implementation.

Ken Gray


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7 Responses

  1. Merrill Smith says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living Ken.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    thank you. Good to be back.



  3. Kosmo says:

    I’m all for burning garbage, let’s start with the LRT trains.

  4. Ken Gray says:

    kosmo … priceless … k

  5. Bruce says:

    Ken. In 2006 I visited a site in Burnaby B.C. where they had been using MODERN incineration since 1992 or earlier. I was the guest of the manager and toured the complete site. They produced steam for electrical generation and sold excess to a newspaper recycling plant next door.The next door property had been owned by a prominent Ottawa n whom I met later in the year, at a waste discussion forum hosted by your fav. Jan Harder
    I also brought back two copies of an E.O.I. being presented to Vancouver and offered one to your friend Larry O. The second one went to my councilor and supposedly on to other seated members of council. In short order BOTH copies were “lost”. This at a time when Trail Rd. was seen as on it’s last legs
    I personally know of at least two operations which PASS, M.O.E. B.C. certification. One is from Cape Breton and the other as mentioned.
    Of course Ottawa HAS to reinvent the wheel see LRT, Orgaworld and PLASCO for prime examples None are Stirling examples or due diligence!

  6. sisco farraro says:

    Green, green, green. Blah, blah, blah. The earth is turning outwards on its axis and the poles moving closer to the sun with each passing year. If the poles had turned inward we’d all be complaining about how cold it’s getting and finding excuses other than use of fossil fuels, although that would likely still be the popular choice. Let’s at least acknowledge the true culprit and shoot our problem-solving arrows in the right direction before it’s too late.

  7. The Voter says:

    Mind blown!!

    “Extending the life of the Trail landfill would give the City more time to plan its next waste disposal solution.”

    That sentence is beyond comprehension. The City has known for decades, not just “years” but decades, that the Trail Rd landfill had a limited future life. What the heck have they been doing all this time that they don’t have a plan that they are already implementing as we speak? They need more time? How many times can they come back to the table and ask for more time?

    They’re calling this a “Waste Plan”. ‘Plan’, as they are employing the word, bears no resemblance to the common meaning of the word. It seems there’s been waste aplenty already. If you started your career as one of the City staff first charged with looking for solutions to the City’s future waste disposal issues, it seems you’ll be able to retire (with your healthy pension) still searching for those elusive ‘solutions’. How many City staff are involved in this endeavour and what’s that cost us over the years?

    What does this whole effort look like? Garbage!

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