New City Top Brass Wears E-Bus Scandal: BENN




Has staff failed to disclose a minor ($180 million) detail to council when presenting its report in support of a resolution to approve the purchase of a fleet of electric buses?

That is … city staff failed to report that fossil fuel generation would be required to charge the city’s new zero-emission bus fleet. And not a small amout of generation capacity. Enough electricity to power the homes of a city the size of Brockville.

And this for the model of bus that OC Transpo acknowledged it had not yet completed its due diligence on? An embarrassing detail? One that involves the use of fossil fuels to charge emission-free buses (with whatever frequency that might or might not be)? For a project approved, not by the thoroughly discredited (for good reason) administrations of former mayor Jim Watson and ex-city manager Steve Kanellakos, with a supporting role from retired OC Transpo head John Manconi?

No, this egregious malfeasance was presented to the current council, led by Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, and under the supervision of the then-acting, now-confirmed city manager Wendy Stephanson, with a supporting role from OC Transpo general manager Renee Amilcar.

Welcome to the new bosses. Same as the old bosses. We will get fooled again, and again, and again. My apologies to The Who for the minor edits.

Ron Benn, a finance executive, has been a member of the Centrepointe Community Association for the better part of three decades.


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1 Response

  1. sisco farraro says:

    And all of this activity is taking place in the town where Justin Trudeau lives and works as the Prime Minister of carbon-free Canada. As a side note, it’s no wonder the city is hunting down delinquent payers of $135M parking violations, etc.

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