Nickelback Crisis Averted

The city has not had much luck lately what with the disaster of LRT and no fix in sight plus the scathing audit of Lansdowne by the auditor general.

So if you’re a councillor dealing with a $6.4-billion problem, you might want to look busy despite cancelling a herd of meetings this summer.

But thank goodness Beacon Hill-Cyrville Councillor Tim Tierney has had his Nickelback dream fulfilled. Just imagine what would have happened had the Tierney experience not been realized after he tattooed the band’s name on his arm.

Hard to scratch that out to replace it with The Beatles, some obscure band from England which once had aspirations to be as big as Nickelback.

Interesting that a camera was rolling to witness Tierney’s reaction to Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s call. Orchestrated you say?

Is this a glee club or a council?

From the City of Ottawa Department of Fluff:



In other Tim Tierney news, the winners of his Name An Ottawa Snow Plow Contest have been released.

The winning names are: The Tim Tierney; The Mr. Tim Tierney, Mr. TT, The HMCS Timothy Tierney and Timbits.

Ken Gray


The Beatles - I'm a Loser

The Beatles, I’m A Loser


For You:

Kill The Rats: PATTON

Councillor: Which Story You Sticking To? WAFFLE WATCH

Hello? Hello? Councillors? Are You There?

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  1. The Voter says:

    Is anyone asking the residents of Beacon Hill-Cyrville if they a) want an ‘official band’ and b) if they do, would they choose Nickelback? Who made this decision? Does every councillor get to impose their musical ‘taste’ on their constituents?

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