O-Train Free: Body Armour Optional

Occasional Transport has wise words for party people tonight:


When You Think NCC, Think LeBreton Flats (1)

Canadians Uninterested In Busting CPP: POLL

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2 Responses

  1. Brian Tansey says:

    Too many ads: bulldog is getting greedy

  2. Ken Gray says:


    There are the same number of ads now as there have been for months. I just moved them around. I found two ads near the top of a story were distracting for the reader (at least this reader). So I removed one of those and moved it to the header. The header location is not as good a spot as at the top of story for revenue but I believe it is easier on the reader.

    And Brian, as for me being greedy, you’re right. I got into the online publishing business for the money. There’s just buckets of it coming in to publishing in general in a bad economy.

    Ask other media outlets how much money they’re making. Ask the laid-off people at CityNews. That broadcasting outlet not only closed, it tore down its broadcasting tower.

    Brian, you’re pretty naive when it comes to online publishing revenue and online publishing in general. In fact, you have no idea how much money is made (or not made) at The Bulldog because it is not a public company.

    I believe Brian that you’re getting The Bulldog free. Rather than ads, a paywall would be much more lucrative but ads are not as labour intensive for me. So I opt for ads. Something must pay the bills.

    If I spent as much time on my investments as I put into The Bulldog, Warren Buffet would be coming to me for a loan.

    I could just spend the winter on a beach in the Bahamas but I choose The Bulldog instead. Many people say that’s not the best decision.

    I do The Bulldog so that there is adequate coverage of local news and I believe strongly in journalism … most certainly not for the money.

    I could clip coupons and do nothing. I’m a lot of things (many of them not good) but I’m not greedy when it comes to The Bulldog.

    Happy New Year.



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