O-Train Partly Closed Due To Concrete Tunnel Debris

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The purpose of this memo is to provide an update to Mayor and Members of Council on a  safety inspection at St-Laurent Station that was required after concrete debris was found early  this morning along the track.  

To complete the inspection, O-Train Line 1 service is suspended between Blair and St Laurent stations in order to provide crews with access to the tunnel. There are no issues with  any of the train systems or light rail vehicles.  

Currently, Line 1 is operating between Tunney’s Pasture and Tremblay stations. R1 buses are  running between Blair and Hurdman stations with an R1 shuttle provided from St-Laurent  Station to Cyrville Station. S1 shuttle bus service between Blair Station and downtown  continues to run during peak periods as usual. Service is operating well, and the Transit  Operations Control Centre is closely monitoring service and will adjust if required.  

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Infrastructure and Water Services Department (IWSD) was notified when the debris was  found, as they maintain this tunnel infrastructure. They immediately initiated an inspection and  IWSD will provide further details later today on the inspection results and any remediation  works.  

Moving forward, IWSD will provide updates to Mayor and Members of Council on the  inspection to the impacted infrastructure.  

To support customers during their trip, staff are at key stations, signage has been installed  and updates are being provided on octranspo.com, through text messages, and on all social  media platforms. OC Transpo will continue to provide service updates to customers.  

Should you have any questions or comments relating transit service, please contact me at  52111 or Richard Holder, Acting General Manager, at extension 52033.  

Original signed by  

Renée Amilcar  

cc: Senior Leadership Team  

Transit Services Departmental Leadership Team  

Director, Public Information and Media Relations 


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2 Responses

  1. David Jones says:

    We’re all just sitting around here – in Ottawa – waiting for another LRT shoe to drop. Our (their?) LRT always makes me think of Charlie on the M.T.A.

  2. Bruce says:

    Durn good thing the O Train runs sloooooowly otherwise it might have hit the falling TUNNEL concrete and derailed WHAT next?

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