Open Fires Banned During Blizzard

Do these guys look out a window? This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

All open air fires are prohibited during a ban, including for properties that have an Open Air Fire Permit.

This ban applies to agricultural burns, brush pile burns, as well as campfires.

There will be zero tolerance enforcement during the fire ban as per the Open Air Fire By-law (No. 2004-163).

Wonder if the open fire ban includes inside igloos. It’s a judgment call.

Meanwhile the local fire department says the burn ban has been lifted. Someone should tell City of Ottawa media relations.


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2 Responses

  1. Annette Goldenberg says:

    What else do you expect? This is Ottawa. Oh did you forget that also? Well I will never forget because as far as I’m concerned the City of Ottawa and everyone including the mayor are not exactly the smartest in the world. There are times when I wonder if any of them ever went to school and actually finish school. But oh yes don’t forget do not start any fires because some fool told us not to.

  2. AM says:

    The Fire Ban was lifted by the OFS this morning.

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