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“With all due respect to (police chief Eric) Stubbs, it is hard to believe that if any group other than convoy protesters were setting off illegal fireworks, bylaw would have been asked to withdraw to allow tempers to cool. In all likelihood police would have intervened forcefully and removed the protesters.”

Mohammed Adam in the Ottawa Citizen


Once again Adam has written an important analysis of police actions.

This time it is on police officers asked who asked bylaw officials not to ticket protester setting off fireworks at the Freedom Convoy anniversary demonstration. Police said it would de-escalate tensions at the protest and thus keep police safe.

To this Adam replies:

“In a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest over the acquittal of Const. Daniel Montsion in the death of Abdirahman Abdi, police forcefully removed protesters from a city intersection and charged 12 of them. No de-escalation. Last year, six people were arrested for mischief during a climate change protest that blocked Laurier Street. In other situations, such as the events leading to the death of Abdi, who was beaten, we didn’t see de-escalation either.”

Adam is saying what Ottawans are saying privately and publicly but very little of it is appearing the media.

The Ottawa Police Service is out of control.

Its former chief Peter Sloly accused the force of being rife with misogyny and racism. If the chief is saying shocking things like that, the force has a problem.

We also know the OPS had sympathy for the political beliefs of convoy members and that a few worked actively against the wishes of police management, city council and the community. Then at the convoy anniversary celebration, the police reacted the same way as when the original convoy protest got out of control. The OPS has not learned a lesson after embarrassing the city and country around the world, letting the convoy get out of hand, and forcing the federal government to enact the Emergencies Act and hold a expansive, expensive and wide-ranging inquiry.

That is grossly unacceptable and lazy.

And what does the oversight body of the OPS do? The Ottawa Police Services Board drastically reduces freedom of speech and community input into the actions of the force at its meetings. Is that an attempt to cover up (something that has become all-too-common in the municipal government sphere) present and future actions of our rogue police department? Many people think so including community groups that are taking the OPSB to court over its draconian actions.

What is the civilian city government done to reform the OPS? Nothing. Out of sight, out of mind. Mayor Mark Sutcliffe is on the OPSB.

When two people, groups or organizations get a little too close for comfort, the expression is that they should “get a room.” Well the OPSB and the OPS already have a room. The only issue at stake is who will pay the hotel bill.

Ken Gray


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5 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    OPS and the convoy have deep connections: In October 2021 OPS was going to allow members to not get vaccinated, and they were going to test more frequently for COVID. The public outcry over this caused a change that extended the deadline for vaccination for all police to January 31, 2022. There is no coincidence that an anti-vaccination protest (convoy), taking place the last few days the police either had to prove vaccination or go on “leave”, was given access to the most sensitive part of the Capital of the country by police.. Convoy arrival 22 January, police deadline 31 January!

  2. Anderson Davies says:

    Pffft! The convoy only embarrassed those who watch mainstream “media” sources. It was one of the impetuses for the farmers strikes in Europe. When one is so full of hatred for the backbone’s of this country using “Orange Man” slurs, etc in a condescending elitist sneer which leaks throughout one’s screed what do you expect. When one keeps striking a puppy over and over for perceived wrongs in your mind don’t be surprised when there is a reaction. As to Trump I wouldn’t vote for him either but I do love how he lives in most of your craniums. Cheers!

  3. Anderson Davies says:

    Hey Ken, any reason why my posts go to moderation now? It didn’t use to be that way. Are you trying to control the narrative, there is a word for that. I don’t believe any of my posts have contained anything obscene in any form. As an aside you might want to think about updating your comment section to send an email to the commenter that his or her comments have been responded to. Personally I don’t go back and look but I would if I knew. Pretty easy script for a fella like you. Cheers!

  4. Ken Gray says:

    I’m being cautious Anderson. Probably because I saw something that was a bother earlier. I don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference except there’ll be a delay.

    I’d love to tell you what i saw but with all these comments, it’s just a blurr.

    You’ll be treated well … don’t worry.



  5. Ken Gray says:


    I worked for decades in the so-called mainstream media.

    What I saw were a lot of extremely hard-working reporters who tried really hard to get it right.

    Say what you will, but in my experience, you’re doing them a really terrible disservice.

    I’ve seen people risking their lives trying to get an important story. Others killed getting a story.

    These are devoted people who care very much about getting it right.

    It’s easy to sit back and criticize them but get out and try to keep up to them.

    You wouldn’t have a chance.



    ps try to keep up to me when I was reporting … you wouldn’t see my dust k

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