Private Landfill Seeks Approval North Of Metcalfe


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

From / Expéditeur Alain Gonthier

General Manager, Public Works


Subject / Objet Notification of Capital Region Resource  Recovery Centre (CRRRC) Project and

Application for Residential Waste


Date: March 21, 2024

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide information to Members of Council on a project  taking place at the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) located on Boundary  Road, across from Mitch Owens Road.

The CRRRC project is a joint venture between Taggart Investment Inc and Miller Waste Systems  Inc and is not yet operational. The project has received approval from the Ministry of Environment  Conservation and Parks (MECP). While this is a private facility with no involvement with the City  from a waste perspective, staff want to ensure Members of Council are aware of pending  changes as this facility is located within the limits of the City of Ottawa.

From the project’s website, the facility has existing approval for the following:

A materials recovery facility for commercial waste; construction and demolition waste processing;  hydrocarbon contaminated soil treatment, surplus soil management; a drop off for separate  materials or separation of materials, anaerobic digestion of organic waste from commercial  sources and, leaf and yard waste compost. The CRRRC also includes a landfill for non-recyclable  waste. Space will also be available for other new waste diversion processes and technologies as  they become proven and economically viable.

Plan to Accept Residential Waste

The City was recently informed of the Project’s leadership plan to seek approval from the MECP  to expand the types of waste accepted at the site to include residential waste. According to the  project team, the MECP has advised that this is considered a technical amendment to their

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current approval. The facility is already approved to accept commercially collected residential  waste from multi-residential buildings. No changes are required to the approved design or  environmental monitoring program for the facility. Additionally, there are no proposed  modifications to the daily, annual, or total waste limits for the facility, which is approved to receive  450,000 tonnes of waste per year. The service area for the facility is restricted to the Capital  Region and an adjacent portion of Eastern Ontario.

The project team for the private facility will undertake all necessary notifications to inform local  residents and stakeholders about their application in consultation with the MECP.

Original Signed by:

Alain Gonthier

CC: Senior Leadership Team

Director, Public Information and Media Relations

Program Manager, Media Relations and Outreach

Public Works Leadership Team


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1 Response

  1. The Voter says:

    “(A) private facility with no involvement with the City from a waste perspective”? That’s interesting – where does the City think they are planning to get the waste to fill this landfill other than within the city?

    It’s being proposed by Taggart and a partner. Let me think what was Taggart’s last project that we heard about? Ah yes, the Tewin development that had all kinds of “interesting” twists and turns including the clear-cutting of huge swathes of land to supposedly create an agricultural area on the same land that they’re proposing to build a residential community.

    I’m sure the landfill proposal would never generate any ethical or legal questions in relation to Taggart’s actions. And if you believe that …

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